Which LOTR elf are you?

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Want to find out which male elf you are from LOTR? Check this out then!

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    You need to lead 500 Elven warriors into battle. How do you lead them into battle?
    Banners held high. Instructions given by signs.
    I silently lead them, we march into battle, words only spoken when needed.
    I shout orders and keep them in ranks. My voice keeps the moral high.
    I keep the pace high. I walk in front, all heads straight. Eyes and ears open.
  • 2
    What equipment do you like?
    For me a sword, that 'll do it.
    A nice spear, and maybe something else, a shield, or a blade, ...
    Bow and arrows as primary weapons, a blade or dagger for close combat.
    Give me a sword, a bow and some arrows.
  • 3
    Where would you be in a battle?
    Lead archers, snipe enemies, being useful in other ways.
    At the front, roaring advice to keep my troops in formation and to maintain tactics.
    At the front, leading my troops in a rush.
    Defend archers, push the attacks back, being the backbone.
  • 4
    Do you like traveling? Have you travelled a lot yet?
    I travel when I need to, or when I want to, otherwise I stay.
    I don't travel that much, I tend to stay home.
    I never travel.
    I travel a lot, but I like to be settled when I can.
  • 5
    Pick one please.
    Galadhrim Bow
    Galadhrim Blade
  • 6
    OK, you're cornered how do you fight your way out? This is close combat people! Concentrate!
    I'd rush through them with a devastating roar.
    I'd use some magic.
    Draw some daggers that were hidden in my cloak.
    Ram, punch, kick, whatever it takes.
  • 7
    An arrow hits your chest, you feel it piercing in your flesh, you see other arrows fly through the sky and strike your companions, what do you say or do?
    "Do not despair! Seek shelter, shoot back at them!"
    "Retreat! Fall back!"
    "Fight on, my brothers, fight on!"
  • 8
    You're the leader, the battle can't be won by either sides by numbers. They decide a duel between the leaders will suffice.
    I'll accept it, but first I need to talk with my counselors.
    Accept it but first you say goodbye to everyone, and then you walk straight into it, heads held high.
    Be quiet, go in the duel, and give it your best. You duel to kill
    Roar and make an uproar with your warriors, that'll frighten them!
  • 9
    Do you have a family?
    I've got my brothers
    My father is my best friend.
    My captains suffice.
    Yes, I've got some sons and a daughter.
  • 10
    Last but not least, pick your armor.
    Mithril will do the trick.
    Galadhrim made is the best.
    Make it light but devastating
    Mithril, and eleven cloak and a golden tiara.

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