All about YOU!

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Find out if you are nice, funny, caring, or mean:(

  • 1
    A girl you never talk to asks you to sit with her at lunch. You...
    Say yes and become the best of friends with her
    Laugh at her and push her away
    Crack a joke that makes everyone around you crack up, but agree
    Agree and chat up a storm
  • 2
    At the grocery store, a short old lady asks you if you can take something off the top shelf that she can't reach. You...
    Smirk and walk away
    Make a joke about how they make shelves too high, make the lady laugh, and get the thing for her
    Say "sure" and take it from the shelf
    Say "yes", get the thing, hand it to her, say "your welcome" when she says thank you, and accept her invite to play bingo with her next Tuesday night.
  • 3
    Someone starts a rumor that you still like to watch Dora. You...
    Laugh your head off and say, "yeah, i do. got a problem with that?"
    Make a big deal out of it, but accept their apology anyway
    Make a remark about how they failed preschool
    Walk away
  • 4
    You are volunteering at a day care center and a little girl shows you her drawing. it's ugly. you...
    Say it's the most beautiful thing you ever seen
    Take it and frame it and say it's amazing
    Literally say "it's ugly" and blame it on someone else when she starts to cry
    Ask her what it is and when she tells you, you laugh but say it's pretty
  • 5
    Your best friend tell your crush you like him. A lot. You...
    As usual, crack a joke, make your crush laugh, and then go out with him
    Get so mad, you say that she likes the biggest nerd in the school
    Tell her how much your mad but still be friends with her
    Tell your bff how you feel and admit to your crush it's true
  • 6
    What's your favorite color?
    The whole rainbow
    Shocking pink
  • 7
    Favorite music?
    Anything that makes me feel happy
    Show tunes, classical
    Pop, dance, hip-hop
    Anything I can dance to!
  • 8
    What's your favorite show?
    Anything on MTV
    Advice shows
    Basically anything
    Spongebob, anything that's funny
  • 9
    Favorite Spongebob character?
    Mr. Krabs
    Spongebob himself!
  • 10
    Favorite emote?
    What's an emote?
    : DD
    : o