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These questions are about the books, not the movies.

  • 1
    How did Hagrid get Harry to Number Four Privet Drive on October 31, 1981?
    Sirius lent him his motorcycle.
    Floo powder.
    Dumbledore set up an unauthorized portkey.
    Arthur Weasley bewitched a car.
  • 2
    Who sent Harry a singing dwarf valentine?
    Roumelda Vane
  • 3
    What is on the hat the Neville's grandmother wears?
    Bewitched jewels
    A vulture
    Assorted fruits
  • 4
    Why doesn't Percy's boss, Mr. Crouch, show up to watch the Quidditch World Cup?
    He was under the Imperius Curse.
    Winky failed to save his seat.
    He'd had a fight with Ludo Bagman.
    His son was watching instead.
  • 5
    Why wasn't Tonks a prefect when she was at Hogwarts?
    She was a metamorphmagi.
    She got caught sneaking out in her third year.
    She was too clumsy.
    She lacked the ability to behave herself.
  • 6
    Why were there dementors in Little Surrey?
    They happened to be wandering through.
    Umbridge sent them to silence Harry.
    A Death Eater that worked at the Ministry sent them to silence Harry.
    The Minister sent them to silence Harry.
  • 7
    Who (really) finds Harry on the train after Draco petrifies him and hides him under the invisibility cloak?
  • 8
    What isn't true about Voldemort and the Deathly Hallows?
    He thinks they are just a myth.
    He doesn't know about them because he was raised in a muggle orphanage.
    He actually manages to find two of the three.
  • 9
    What isn't true about Kreacher?
    Lord Voldemort leaves him for dead in the lake of Inferi.
    He's a terrible cook.
    He fights against members of the Black family in the Battle of Hogwarts.
    He knowingly participated in the plot that lead to Sirius' death.
  • 10
    Which curse does Harry never use?

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