What historical General are you?

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Find out what historical Military commander you are most like!

  • 1
    What's your opinion on Politics?
    The Generals are just as important as the politicians
    We should study politics and form our own opinions
    I should be political ruler
    Hell with politics! I'll kill whoever the Politicians tell me to!
    I don't care
  • 2
    Are you Ambitious?
    I not stop until I have gained what I want
    I want another star!
    I am only ambitious to do good
    Yes! Get out of my way!
    I will do my best. There is nothing more
  • 3
    Your Marriage?
    I love my wife. Almost as much as I love war
    I lover her dearly
    I take her with me everywhere
    I write to her everyday
  • 4
    It's interesting......
    To hell with that!
    Religion just keeps the common man from killing the rich
    I'm a devoted follower of Christ
    I'm a Christian
  • 5
    How are wars won?
    By killing the enemy?
    By destroying his army
    By removing his will to fight
    By forcing them to surrender
    By winning battles and exploiting battles
  • 6
    How do you fight?
    Hold them by the nose and kick him in the pants!
    Move faster than the enemy
    I fight to win
    Mystify, mislead and surprise
    Shooting works well
  • 7
    What do you think of fighting on the defensive?
    Only if you can launch a counter attack
    It's a nice thought. I'm going to attack
    Not if I can help it
    Wars are won by attacking, not defending
    I don't defend anything, I only advance!
  • 8
    Do you like to write?
    I write
    Only if it gets me something
  • 9
    Your attitude towards your superiors?
    I do as I'm told, unless I have a better idea!
    I will do as I'm told. Period
    I'm the general here, I wish they would leave me alone!
    Stupid morons, if they only did what I said.........
    I am the superior!
  • 10
    The most important factor in war?
    The ability to do the unexpected
    The moral is the physical three to one
  • 11
    Your preferred strategy?
    Drive forward and crush the enemy!
    Nukes are nice
    Going after the enemy army
    Seize the most important commodities
    Invading their ability to wage war
  • 12
    What do your men think of you?
    I'm their beloved emperor
    They trust me
    They swear at me and by me
    I'm a legend
    They think I'm some kind of a mystical power
  • 13
    How do you treat your officers?
    I made them out of mud!
    I'm nice
    With tact
    Like men
    I do as I'm told, so they should do as they're told
  • 14
    Your opinion of war?
    I love it. I was made for it. It is my destiny
    I'm a soldier. When called I go. And then I win!
    I fight when it offers an advantage
    I fight when my country needs me
    Necessary evil
  • 15
    Are you patriotic?
    My country is the best ever!
    My country needs me more than I country
    I love my country
  • 16
    Is to the brave soldier
    Is mine!
    Is fleeting
    Goes to God
    Is found in a job well done
  • 17
    Your favorite Historical military figure is....
    Anyone who won!
    Genghis Khan
    Julius Caesar
    The average soldier
  • 18
    Who do you fight for?
    My country and men
    Myself, and my country!
    The weak
    My country
    Me. That's all.
  • 19
    Imperialism is.....
    That's politics, so I don't care
    Good! As long as I'm the beneficiary
    I don't see anything wrong with it
    A legitimate way to wage war!
  • 20
    Your destiny is to
    Serve God
    Fight and win!
    Be the greatest ruler since Charlemagne!
    Serve my country
    To be a great warrior

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