CSI level 2

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20 Questions - Developed by: Teri - Developed on: - 6.033 taken

This one is a little tougher then lever 1.
Let's see just how much of a fan you are!

  • 1
    Greg's grandparents are...
  • 2
    In season 3, Grissom was losing his...
  • 3
    What did Sara never said to Grissom?
    You've always been a little more then a boss to me
    Would you like to have dinner with me?
    Do you want to sleep with me?
    I just care about you
    Do what you need to do
  • 4
    Nick's nickname is...
    He doesn't have a nickname
    Chicken shit
  • 5
    Who in the lab is know for his/her 'rather not sleep or eat an whole week, then not solve a case' mentality?
  • 6
    Sara gets emotional at certain cases, as a result of her past. What cases?
    Cases involving prostitution
    Car accidents
    She never gets emotional on cases
    Abuse and rape cases
  • 7
    What was CSI's first cliffhanger, where the fans had to wait 'till the next season?
    Season 7 Sara being kidnapped by the miniature killer
    Season 6 Brass being shot
    Season 5 Nick being buried alive
    Season 8 Warrick being shot
  • 8
    Who is/are known to have a crush on Sara, besides Grissom?
    Greg Sanders
    Greg Sanders, David Phillip
    Warrick Brown, Nick Stoked
    David Hodgens, David Phillip
    Nick Stokes, Greg Sanders
  • 9
    In 'Unfriendly skies', the team have a discussion about weather they could kill someone or not. Who says he/she/they could kill easily?
    Sara and Catherine
    Grissom and Greg
    Warrick and Catherine
    Nick and Sara
    Grissom and Warrick
  • 10
    Why did Sara broke up with her boyfriend Hank?
    They never broke up
    Because he was cheating on his fiance with her
    He cheated
    Sara fell in love with someone else
    He broke up
  • 11
    Who, on the team, joined the mile high club(Sex in a plane)?
    No one
  • 12
    What is Grissom's full name?
    Gilbert Louis Grissom
    Gilbert Arthur Grissom
    Gil Lee Grissom
    Gil Grissom
    Gilbert Grissom
  • 13
    Who held a piece of ceramic against Sara's troth in a mental hospital?
    Natalie Davis
    Adam Trent
    William Petersen
    Dave Eads
    That never happened
  • 14
    What is Brass' front name?
  • 15
    Which famous film director produced 2 episodes of CSI?
    Stephen Spielberg
    Quinten Tarentino
    Woody Allen
    James Cameron
  • 16
    Nick and Catherine once went to a concert. Who's concert?
    James Blunt
    They never went to a concert
    John Mayer
    James Morrison
  • 17
    What are the names of Catherine's parents?
    Eddie Willows and Lindsay Braun
    Sam and Miranda Willows
    Sam Braun and Lily Flynn
    It was never mentioned in the show
  • 18
    What was Sara's answer to Grissom's proposal in S8E4?
    No, I can't
    I don't know what to do about this
    Let's do it
    You don't even have to ask
    Yes dear
  • 19
    Which young actress appeared on the show(1 episode) as a special quest star?
    Dakota Fannig
    There never appeared a well-known actress in the show
    Kay Panabaker
    Emma Roberts
    Emily Watson
  • 20
    Ecklie asked both Sara and Grissom about when they began the see each other. What was their answer?
    The question was never asked
    Sara said 2 years, Grissom 9
    Sara said 'ever since I met him', Grissom said it was a to personal question
    Sara said 5 years, Grissom said 4 years
    Sara and Grissom both answered 4 years

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Samantha Zander ( .36.6 )
Posted 217 days ago
I am pretty sure that Nick and Catherine went to the John Mayor concert!