How the Western Movie was Won

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Just how much do you know about the Western film?

  • 1
    What Western film did actor John Wayne win his Academy Award for?
    Rio Bravo
    The Searchers
    True Grit
    The Shootist
    The Cowboys
  • 2
    What Western film directed by Sam Peckinpah did the actor William Holden play the lead role in?
    The Horse Soldiers
    Major Dundee
    The Wild Bunch
    Wild Rovers
    Ride the High Country
  • 3
    John Ford directed what film version of the Gunfight at the OK Corral?
    My Darling Clementine
    Hour of the Gun
    Two Rode Together
  • 4
    Who played the villainous gunfighter Jack Wilson in the 1953 Western film “Shane?”
    Ben Johnson
    Van Heflin
    Jason Robards
    Lee Van Cleef
    Jack Palance
  • 5
    What actor played Clint Eastwood’s Native American sidekick in the Western film “The Outlaw Josey Wales?”
    Jeff Chandler
    Russell Means
    Iron Eyes Cody
    Graham Greene
    Chief Dan George
  • 6
    What actress played Ethan Edwards’ niece Lucy in the 1956 Western film “The Searchers?”
    Vera Miles
    Elizabeth Taylor
    Geraldine Page
    Kim Darby
    Natalie Wood
  • 7
    What actor played the young hotshot Deputy Harvey Pell in the 1952 Western film “High Noon?”
    Lon Chaney, Jr.
    Lloyd Bridges
    Sheb Wooley
    Anthony Perkins
    Christopher George
  • 8
    Clint Eastwood’s character Bill Munny has reformed from what vice in the 1992 Western film “Unforgiven?”
    Tobacco chewing
  • 9
    What actor played the villain in Sergio Leone’s 1968 Western film “Once Upon a Time in the West?”
    Eli Wallach
    Bruce Dern
    Charles Bronson
    Henry Fonda
    Jason Robards
  • 10
    He played Billy the Kid in the 1958 Western film “The Left Handed Gun.”
    Alan Ladd
    Montgomery Clift
    Paul Newman
    James Dean
    Robert Taylor
  • 11
    What actor played the title role in the 1966 Western film “Nevada Smith?”
    Alan Ladd
    Steve McQueen
    Charles Bronson
    Warren Oates
    Brian Keith
  • 12
    What actor played the knife-throwing expert Britt in the 1960 Western film “The Magnificent Seven?”
    Horst Buchholz
    Joe Don Baker
    Yul Brynner
    Robert Vaughn
    James Coburn
  • 13
    This popular television star played the title role in the 1962 Western film “Geronimo.”
    Chuck Connors
    Hugh O’Brian
    Michael Landon
    Richard Boone
    Adam West
  • 14
    Stuntman-turned-actor was nominated for an Academy Award for his performance as an old-time cowhand in the 1978 Western film “Comes a Horseman.”
    Ben Johnson
    Burt Lancaster
    Ernest Borgnine
    Jim Davis
    Richard Farnsworth
  • 15
    She played the love interest to both Paul Newman and Robert Redford in the 1969 Western film “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.”
    Suzanne Pleshette
    Jane Fonda
    Katharine Ross
    Joan Hackett
  • 16
    These two larger-than-life actors duke it out in a scene from the 1958 Western film “The Big Country.”
    John Wayne and Jimmy Stewart
    John Wayne and Montgomery Clift
    Henry Fonda and Charles Bronson
    Gregory Peck and Charlton Heston
    Anthony Quinn and Richard Widmark
  • 17
    This colorful British actor played the unlikely title role in the 1967 Western film “Custer of the West.”
    Richard Harris
    Richard Burton
    Peter O’Toole
    Robert Shaw
    John Mills
  • 18
    Which of these actors was NOT one of “The Professionals” (1966)?
    Woody Strode
    Jack Palance
    Burt Lancaster
    Robert Ryan
    Lee Marvin
  • 19
    This actress played Kevin Costner’s love interest Stands With a Fist in the 1990 Western film “Dances with Wolves.”
    Diane Lane
    Annette Bening
    Frances Fisher
    Elizabeth Perkins
    Mary McDonnell
  • 20
    What actor played the reserved and emotionally distant Lt. Col. Owen Thursday in the 1948 John Ford Western film “Fort Apache?”
    Henry Fonda
    Ward Bond
    Richard Widmark
    John Wayne
    James Stewart
  • 21
    Sam Peckinpah’s first film as a director was this moody 1961 Western starring Brian Keith.
    The Deadly Companions
    Ride the High Country
    Major Dundee
    The Law and Jake Wade
    The Ballad of Cable Hogue
  • 22
    This actor played the villain Curly Bill in the 1993 Western film “Tombstone.”
    Frederic Forrest
    Val Kilmer
    Robert Duvall
    Sam Elliott
    Powers Boothe
  • 23
    This actor played the original Ben Wade in the 1957 Western film “3:10 to Yuma.”
    Gregory Peck
    Henry Fonda
    Robert Mitchum
    Glenn Ford
    Robert Taylor
  • 24
    This veteran character actor played the undertaker in the 1976 Western film “The Shootist.”
    Walter Brennan
    Strother Martin
    Jack Elam
    Richard Boone
    John Carradine
  • 25
    This actor has a cameo as Gen. William Tecumseh Sherman in the 1962 Western film epic “How the West Was Won.”
    Robert Preston
    Gregory Peck
    James Stewart
    George Peppard
    John Wayne
  • 26
    This actor plays outlaw Cole Younger in the 1980 Western film “The Long Riders.”
    David Carradine
    Dennis Quaid
    Jack Warden
    James Keach
    Scott Glenn
  • 27
    This actress played Warren Beatty’s love interest in Robert Altman’s 1971 Western film “McCabe & Mrs. Miller.”
    Faye Dunaway
    Glenda Jackson
    Maggie Smith
    Mia Farrow
    Julie Christie
  • 28
    This popular television actor played Charlton Heston’s youthful sidekick in the 1968 Western film “Will Penny.”
    Robert Blake
    Buck Taylor
    Tom Selleck
    Lee Majors
    David Soul
  • 29
    Kirk Douglas played a modern-day cowboy on the run from the law in the 1962 Western film “Lonely Are the Brave.” What actor played the sheriff chasing him?
    Walter Matthau
    Strother Martin
    Ernest Borgnine
    Glenn Ford
    Burt Reynolds
  • 30
    This actor played the youthful sidekick to John Wayne in the 1966 Western film “El Dorado.”
    James Caan
    Charles Bronson
    Warren Oates
    Dennis Hopper
    Rod Taylor

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