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This is a quiz about one of the most popular sitcoms on TV. F.R.I.E.N.D.S.
For those who've been watching every single episode very carefully, this should be easy.
For those who are not that friends-minded: just guess!

  • 1
    What's Rachel's first task when she finally gets a job in 'fashion'?
    She has to find a button that fell off a coat
    She has to read a magazine
    She has to pack her stuff and leave
    She has to make coffee
    She has to untangle clothes-hangers
  • 2
    What does the fake Monica say to Monica when she wants to dance with her?
    "Dans je vaker?"
    "Kan ik met u dansen?"
    "Mag ik deze dans van u?"
    "Zullen we dansen?"
  • 3
    Who can understand what Chandler is saying over the phone when he's stuck in an ATM-vestibule?
  • 4
    What song does Ross play on the bagpipes?
    Happy Birthday
    Blame it on the boogie
  • 5
    What do the friends use to make the 'giant poking device'?
  • 6
    What's the name of the girl, whose leg gets broken by Ross?
  • 7
    What does Joey have, according to Chandler?
    A brain the size of a peanut
    A hole in his head
    Freakishly tiny feet
  • 8
    Why doesn't Phoebe want to go to the dentist?
    Because the dentist once almost killed her
    Because she's afraid of the paintings in the waiting room
    Because every time she goes to the dentist, someone dies
    Because she doesn't want her teeth to get hurt by some piece of metal
  • 9
    What was Monica when she was kissed by Ross?
    A soft pillow
    A pile of clothes
    A pile of coats
  • 10
    What's Joey's favorite cuddly-toy called?
  • 11
    How does the news of Ross making out with the girl from the Xerox-place reach Rachel?
    Xerox-girl - Jasmine - Isaac - Gunter
    Xerox-girl - Isaac - Jasmine - Phoebe - Gunter
    Xerox-girl - Jasmine - Phoebe - Isaac - Gunter
    Xerox-girl - Isaac - Phoebe - Jasmine - Gunter
    Xerox-girl - Isaac - Jasmine - Gunter
  • 12
    What name does Phoebe use to sign a form for Monica?
    Monica Felula Geller
    Monica Monana Geller
    Monica Felula Geller - Bing
    Monica Lenana Geller
    Monica Monana Bing
  • 13
    What turns Chandler on according to Monica?
    A naked Monica
  • 14
    What's wrong with Monica's new boots?
    They're not the right colour
    They hurt like hell
    They don't go with every item in Monica's wardrobe
    They were too expensive
  • 15
    What does Joey like most about Rachel moving out?
    Boxes to hide in
    Bubble wrap
  • 16
    How does Ross react when he finds out about Joey and Rachel?
    He's disappointed in them
    He gets really angry
    He's happy for them
    He's fine
    He doesn't react at all
  • 17
    What's Chandlers reaction to Monica's braids?
    "It's like a spider walking on his web"
    "Could you BE any more beautiful?"
    "I can see you scalp"
    "I like it"
  • 18
    How does Rachel recognize Phoebe during a massage?
    Her shoes
    Her way of massaging
    Her voice
    Her accent
  • 19
    What does Rachel have to do when the friends are playing football?
    Catch the ball
    Go long
    Go get a pretzel
    Go distract the opposites
  • 20
    What are Phoebe's rats called?
    Suzie and Peter
    Robert and Minnie
    Minnie and Mousy
    Suzie and Bob
    Minnie and Bob

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