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  • 1
    What was Eragon's favourite piece of item that he never grew tired of looking at?
    Strips of dry grass tied into knots
    A root
    Twisted pieces of wood
    Odd bits of shells
  • 2
    How many days had gone past Eragon's return before it snowed?
    11 days
    A fortnight
    9 days
    1 week
    8 days
  • 3
    What tool did Eragon use first to test the stone?
    Screw driver?
    Small chisel
    Leather hammer
    A clear stone
    A wooden mallet
  • 4
    What happened when Eragon first touched Saphira?
    He died...
    His head seared with pain
    Energy shot up from his hand to his arm
    I don't know
    His hand began to glow
  • 5
    What was the first word Saphira had said with her mind?
  • 6
    Which race were the first ones in Alagaeisa?
    Elves and dragons
    Urgals and dragons
    Urgals and elves
    Humans and dwarfs
    The dragons and dwarfs
  • 7
    How long after the riders formed did humans come to Alagaesia?
    9 decades
    1 century
    3 centuries
    5 centuries
    10 decades
  • 8
    How did Urgals come to be in Alagaesia?
    There aren't any Urgals
    They followed the elves form the sea
    They were one of the first races there
    I don't know
  • 9
    How old did dragons have to be to breathe fire?
    9 weeks
    4-5 months
    5-6 months
    8 days
    1 year
  • 10
    How long can a dragon breathe fire?
    An hour
    30 minutes
    A couple of minutes
    Depending on how old the dragon is
    5 hours
  • 11
    Which race is Galbatorix's personal dragon hunters?
  • 12
    What were the two types of saddles for dragons?
    I don't know
    Similar to a horse saddle and a thin layer of leather
    Similar to a horse saddle and a thin layer and lightly padded saddle
    A horse saddle and just a layer of leather
    Just a horse saddle...
  • 13
    As Brom worked on the saddle, what was Eragon doing?
    Watching him
    Repacking their supplies
    Helping Brom
  • 14
    Finish this statement. " Who was much feared in his time ____________________?"
    And was well known
    And Galbatorix's black hand
    And held great power
    And the cause for many deaths
    I don't know
  • 15
    In what chapter did Eragon and Brom first spar?
    Saddle making
    Revelation at Yazuac
    Through a Dragon's eye

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