Just a Drop of Water

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This is a test on the UK series H2O: Just Add Water. Do you know it? - 8 questions on S1- 8 questions on S2- 10 questions on S3. I will not tell you what the episodes are!

  • 1
    Who fails at requiring their power?
  • 2
    How does Eliot almost die in of of the episodes where Rikki saves him?
    By water skiing
    By scuba diving
    By surfing
  • 3
    During their first full moon, who is struck?
  • 4
    Who does Cleo like?
  • 5
    After a film contest, Zane is laughed at. Who saved him from the sharks?
    Emma's mother
  • 6
    What do sirens (what Cleo was turned into) do?
    Sing for people
    Lead sailors to their death
    Hypnotize people into thinking that they're someone else
  • 7
    Where does Cleo, Emma, and Lewis find Rikki and Zane after they kissed on Mako?
    By the moon pool
    In a ring of fire made by Rikki
    On the beach
  • 8
    Why do Rikki and Zane break up?
    Emma and Cleo didn't want them to date
    Because it didn't work out
    Because Zane figures out the secret
  • 9
    What is Rikki's new found power?
    She has Emma's power
    She can make forest fires
    She can control lightning and fire
  • 10
    Why is Rikki worried about Zane?
    He's not the right guy
    She's knows his not trust worthy
    Emma and Cleo won't be her friends
  • 11
    Why does Lewis agree to let Nate teach him karate?
    He wants to not be made fun of
    He wants to be more manly for Cleo
    He believes that's why Cleo broke up with him
  • 12
    How does the potion for granting wishes get out of control?
    Rikki heated it
    Cleo made it bigger
    Emma froze it
  • 13
    What were Zane's exact words when Rikki showed him her house?
    Rikki wait
    Why do you find it so hard to believe that someone might actually be into you
    Just because you live her doesn't mean I love you any less
  • 14
    Why do all the girls fall for Nate?
    A full moon
    The want to get back at Ash, Lewis, and Zane
    They got hit with some spray
  • 15
    Who does Charlotte most offend?
  • 16
    What 3 people don't return after season 2?
    Cleo, Emma, Ash
    Emma, Ash, Charlotte
    Charlotte, Ash, Lewis
  • 17
    How long has Bella been a mermaid?
    Since she was 10
    Since she was 11
    Since she was 9
  • 18
    What power does Bella have?
    The same/ similar to Emma's
    She has none
    Similar to Rikki's
  • 19
    Why does Rikki fire Nate?
    Because of his song
    He tried to kiss her
    Zane told her to
  • 20
    What was the song Rikki and Zane danced to on V- day?
    The same one as when they first kissed
    The same one as when Bella and Will first met
    The same one as when Lewis and Cleo first kissed
  • 21
    Who win the bike contest for "Rikki's"?
  • 22
    Who was the girl Bella saw Will with?
    His cousin
    His sister
    His girlfriend
  • 23
    Why does Sophie go after the job at the cafe?
    She likes Zane
    She wants a job
    To get away from Will
  • 24
    Why does Lewis stall Will?
    So the girls can save Bella
    So the girls can kill the water creature
    So he won't see what happens during a full moon over the moon pool
  • 25
    What was the name of the fish Rikki lost?
  • 26
    Will is close to knowing who the girls are so Rikki-?
    Wants to leave town
    Wants Bella to stay away from Will
    Wants to give up her powers

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mermaidcouncil ( 82.27 )
Posted 233 days ago
where you said where rikki lost her fish it is actully cleo