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13 Questions - Developed by: Donovan Gerg - Developed on: - 1.965 taken

It's based on how well someone knows on video games and movies. I ask the questions and you try to answer them the best you can. Think you can live in this world?

  • 1
    Say, what game character from the Final Fantasy series uses double s('s) when they talk sometimes?
    Umm, Vaan?
    Nu Mou
    No one does.
  • 2
    Based on the Pokedex, what two Pokemon are smart to understand humans?
    Dragonite and Lapras
    Cubone and Onix
    Mewtwo and Pikachu
    Abra and Machop
    Mr. Mime and Zubat
  • 3
    What character in the Final Fantasy series always says "Ja/Ya" in their speaking words?
  • 4
    Back in the ranks team! What jobs shouldn't use counter up close, in the Final Fantasy series?
    All can use them.
    Monk, Gladiator, Fencer and Ninja
    Archer, Gunner, Cannonner and Sniper
    Moogle, Hume, Nu Mou and Bangaa
    ? I don't play these games.
  • 5
    It's time to duel! What cards are always there for Jaden Yuki?
    What's this?
    Dark hole and Monster reborn
    Lord of D. and Blue eyes white dragon
    The Space Neos and the Elemental heroes
    Dark magician and Dark magician girl
  • 6
    Speaking of Jaden Yuki, what was first used to show monsters in 3-D?
    Duel academy duel disk
    They played it on a table or flat object
    Duel runner
    The duel terminal
    Battle city duel disk
  • 7
    What two myths are dogs?
    Anubis and the Werewolf
    Scooby Doo and Fang face
    Pongo and Pluto
  • 8
    Meow, what cat is always in trouble with the law?
    Top Cat
  • 9
    The cat's meow, but what team always meowed and showed who the boss is?
    Top Cat
    SWAT Kats
    Pink Panther
  • 10
    Name that movie time! A fox, a bear, a wolf and a snake are characters from this Disney classic. What is it?
    Robin Hood
    The Fox and the hound
  • 11
    Robin Williams has had a lot of movies, but what three movies from Disney is he in?
    Bambi, Robin Hood and Alice in wonderland
    RV, Flubber and Aladdin.
    That darn cat, Peter Pan and The sword in the stone
  • 12
    Mrs. White said to tell you this; What game always has a weapon, a killer and a room?
  • 13
    Wow! Not bad? What game tells two stories, but with two different game levels?
    Final Fantasy X
    Rock Band

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