The Magician's Nephew

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  • 1
    Digory is sad when he meets Polly because
    He dislikes living in the city.
    He wants to go to a different school.
    His mother is dying.
  • 2
    Polly has found something special in her house. What is it?
    A treasure from a long ago under her floor.
    A diary that her great aunt Letty wrote.
    A secret passage into the attic where she plays.
  • 3
    What is Digory's uncle Andrew up to in his study?
    Reading his history books.
    Making phone calls to other professors.
    Experimenting with the magic rings he made.
  • 4
    Uncle Andrew sent Polly to woods between the worlds by
    Making her jealous to take the ring after Digory was given one.
    Forcing her to grab the ring.
    Deceiving her into thinking that the ring was a gift for her.
  • 5
    Once in the woods between the worlds, Digory finds that this place is
    Very quiet with small pools everywhere.
    Pitch black and he hears a humming noise.
    There is a yellow light given off by two suns.
  • 6
    Charn is the world where who is from?
  • 7
    What did the Digory and Polly find written on the pillar in the great hall of Charn?
    A poem about the glory days of Charn.
    A riddle that said to ring the bell or go mad.
    A history of Charm.
  • 8
    When the bell was struck, what happened?
    Digory and Polly were transported back to the woods between the worlds.
    Jadis awoke and Charn began to self destruct.
    Aslan appeared and healed Digory's mom.
  • 9
    Jadis tells the story of how she won the war of Charn by using what?
    Having the biggest army.
    Using her magic wand.
    The deplorable word against her sister.
  • 10
    How would you describe uncle Andrew's response to meeting Jadis the first time?
  • 11
    What characteristics did Jadis and uncle Andrew have is common?
    Self absorbed
  • 12
    Who was accidentally brought to Narnia from London?
    The cabby and Digory's mother
    The cabby and aunt Letty
    The cabby and Strawberry
  • 13
    When Aslan was creating Narnia, the children and the cabby heard singing. What did Jadis and uncle Andrew hear?
  • 14
    How did the lamp-post get to Narnia?
    Jadis tore a bar off of a London lamp-post and it grew when is was stuck in the ground of Narnia.
    Narnian engineers placed it there for light.
    It is there as a memorial for the day Narnia was created.
  • 15
    What task did Aslan send Digory to complete after Jadis ran off and the animals of Narnia were given jobs?
    Go to Archenland to warn them of Jadis's coming.
    Go pick an apple from a high mountain and bring it back to Aslan.
    Get an eagles feather from a nest in the mountains.
  • 16
    How did the eating of the apple effect Jadis?
    She gained endless strength and length of days with an evil heart.
    The kingdom of Narnia.
    An upset stomach.
  • 17
    What did the apple provide to Narnia when Digory brought it to Aslan?
    A sweet aroma on a spring day.
    A beautiful tree.
    Protection from the witch for many years.
  • 18
    Who do we know Digory as at the end of the book and in the next book, The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe?
    The professor.
    King of Narnia.
    Mr. Tumnus.
  • 19
    Why could uncle Andrew not enjoy Narnia?
    He couldn't manipulate anyone.
    He had lied so long that he believed his own lies and could no longer distinguish the truth. Aslan would not tolerate a lie.
    The didn't have brandy.
  • 20
    After Digory's mother eats one of the enchanted apples, the core is planted and later become a tree. What is made from the wood of that tree years later?
    A wardrobe
    Dresser and chairs.

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