Which Harry Potter character is your soul-mate?

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Look at the title! Anyway, the choices are Snape, Potter, Malfoy, Ron, and Lupin.

  • 1
    Which outfit would you wear?
    Casual: maybe jeans and a T-shirt
    All black
    What does this have to do with anything?
    Something sporty
    It depends...
  • 2
    What color suits your personality?
    Green: misunderstood, vain, rich
    Pink: bubbly, kind, shy
    Black: aggressive, dark, mean
    Yellow: sweet, quiet, smart
    Purple: regal, mysterious, secretive
  • 3
    RP (role playing) time! Draco Malfoy trips you in the hallway. What do you do?
    I am in control of the situation. he wouldn't do that to me.
    My Draco would never trip me!
    Pulls out wand *Stupefy*
    *Runs away*
    He doesn't deserve punishment. He's just a wimp!
  • 4
    More Rp! Harry walks up to you and asks you out. How do you reply?
    *Slaps Harry*
    I, uh, don't date.
    Sure, whatever
    Sorry, I'm with Ron.: D
    Harry! He is just so amazing! Yes!
  • 5
    Who's your favourite teacher?
    Does Dumbledore count?
    Teachers don't like me.
    No comment...
    I don't do well in school. Hermione helps me.
    I am the one teaching!
  • 6
    RP: Ron asks you to go to the Yule Ball with him, what do you say?
    Of course!
    Sorry, I'm already going with Harry.
    He's a Gryffindor! I never date Gryffindors...
    Fine, he seems nice enough.
  • 7
    What's your favorite class?
    Don't have one
    Defense Against the Dark Arts
    I don't pay enough attention in school to care
  • 8
    What do you think of your friends?
    They are very supportive and help me out.
    I think of them more as... servants
    They are kind and never tease me
    What friends?
    We are more of... An Order. not much time for socializing.
  • 9
    How many friends do you have?
    I have about 5 great friends, and a lot of just good friends
    I am friends with everyone
    I have a few
    A lot, I am very popular.
  • 10
    Last Question: Who do you want to get?

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