Stargate Atlantis episode "Vegas"

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How many times have you seen the Stargate Atlantis season 5 episode "Vegas"? One? Three? A dozen? More (this is me...I have no life)? *Enough*? We'll see. This quiz is designed to test your knowledge of the second-to-last episode of Stargate Atlantis.

  • 1
    First, a very easy question...where does this episode take place?
    In and around Las Vegas, Nevada, alternating with Atlantis, in our own reality/time line
    In and around Las Vegas, Nevada, alternating with Atlantis, in an alternate reality/time line
    Exclusively in and around Las Vegas, Nevada, in an alternate reality/time line
    Exclusively in and around Las Vegas, Nevada, in our own reality/time line
  • 2
    Now...what rank is John Sheppard? Don't bother scrolling down, I will not use titles when referring to people in this episode. ;-)
    We don't know, he became a detective after he was dishonorably discharged from the military
    He's a civilian, never joined the military
    Lieutenant Colonel
  • 3
    Who is the commander of the Atlantis expedition?
    Samantha Carter
    Richard Woolsey
    There is no Atlantis expedition (meaning either there never was or there was, but not anymore...just to clarify)
    We don't know, the episode is exclusively on Earth
    Elizabeth Weir
  • 4
    What is Rodney McKay's rank?
    He doesn't have a rank, he's a civilian.
  • 5
    What were Rodney McKay and Radek Zelenka arguing about approximately three-quarters into the episode?
    The possibility of alternate universes.
    Who was smarter.
    What the rogue Wraith was building.
    What would happen if the device the rogue Wraith was building detonated.
    How to safely extract vacuum energy from out own space-time.
  • 6
    How many songs were played over the course of the episode? (By this I mean songs you could hear on the radio, you know, with lyrics, not the underscore)
  • 7
    How did a Wraith get to Earth?
    Wraith? What Wraith? There's a Wraith on Earth? Why is there a Wraith on Earth? (me: uh, that's sort of the question...)
    He was a dart pilot from a hive ship that somehow made its way to Earth (how this is done isn't really made clear)
    He flew, duh!
    There is no Wraith on Earth. They're just overreacting.
  • 8
    How does this Wraith make his money?
    Playing blackjack
    I already told you, there is no Wraith on Earth!
    A real job
    Playing poker
    Slot machines
  • 9
    Why does he make his money this way?
    He needs untraceable currency, and he loves games (like all Wraith), and with his mental abilities he is very good at them (to paraphrase Rodney).
    He can't get a job
  • 10
    Why is this particular Wraith feeding so often?
    For pleasure
    Because all those humans got in his way/****ed him off somehow
    He is unavoidably exposing himself to high doses of radiation, and needs to feed to counteract the effects (again, paraphrasing Rodney)
    *speaking very calmly, the verbal equivalent of the "calm before the storm"* There. Is. No. Wraith. On. Earth. The people who are saying otherwise are overreacting. The end.

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