Does she like you?

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Whether or not you like her, this quiz will answer this question: does she or does she not like you! As a girl, I can help with that.

  • 1
    Let's start with a simple one: does she talk to you a lot?
    Yeah, we're close friends!
    She does, most of the time.
    SHE DOES! I like her just to tell you... I talk first though.
    She doesn't...
    She does... I don't like her. She stalks me I think.
  • 2
    Does she flirt with you a lot, or is she the shy-type?
    She ALWAYS FLIRTS WITH ME!: D Crazy about her.
    I'm not sure.. is talking to me nicely flirting? (yes, it's a stage of flirt.)
    She never talks to me... surrounded by other guys.
    She never flirts..
    She flirts will all the guys..
  • 3
    Does she have a boyfriend, by the way?
    Yeah.. they love each other.:(
    Yeah.. they aren't happy together though!
    No.:) Waiting for the perfect guy.
    No, but she's desperate.
  • 4
    Does she call you or does she chat with you on msn, skype, anything...?
    Actually, I call her.. Is that good? (depends if she likes you)
    Once or twice.. but not often. (if she likes you and you like her, CALL HER!)
    Yeah... she calls me a lot. Stalker!
    No, she doesn't.
    Yeah, I like it though.: D
  • 5
    Does she laugh at any joke you make?
    We barely talk, she's shy.
    We barely talk.. surrounded by guys..
    Yes. She does. Makes me smile.
    She laughs at EVERYTHING I say!
    No.. not unless she actually thinks it's funny.
  • 6
    Does she look at you? Be honest. For EVERY question if you really want to know!
    She looks at me, yeah.
    Se never looks at me.
    When she does, it's a glance every now and then.
    She looks at me, but when I look back, she blushes and looks down.
  • 7
    Do people keep telling you she likes you?
    No one ever told me.: s
    I never told anyone I liked her.
    All her best friends...
    Only close friends... but I doubt they're sure. They think so.
    No, but I'm sure she does! (We'll see in a few seconds...)
  • 8
    Do you spend alone time with her? EVER? ( or spent)
    No.. she doesn't notice me...
    On msn or on the phone! Any chat...
    Not often, but we talk alone sometimes.
    Yes.. a lot of time. We have so much fun!
    No, I avoid her.
  • 9
    Do you have anything in common?
    Yeah.. music or sports or movies etc.
    Yeah, we both like food!: D: p
    No.. nothing really. She just thinks I'm hot!
    We're both hot. ;D
    We're perfect for each other for sure.: D
  • 10
    Last question. But before I ask, I must say that if ever you have a problem, just send me an e-mail! This is if you really want to know. Kay? Or if you need advice. ;p There for you.
    Did you think about your future.. about children? Did you ever talk to her about one of those things?
    Yeah.. and she wants the same number of children.:)
    I have spoken to her about that..
    She wants no kids and no wedding.
    She probably thought about it.. I don't care.

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