Are you a good friend

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Have you ever wondered if you were a good friend? Or questioned how good a friend you are? Then take this quiz

  • 1
    If your friend dropped their books you would:
    Help them pick the stuff up
    Laugh and walk away
    Pay no attention (you couldn't be bothered)
    Pay no attention (you are in a big rush)
  • 2
    If you see your friend is being bullied you:
    Walk away better them than you
    Get in the middle and tell off the bully
    Do nothing and confront the bully after
    Cheer on the bully
    Do nothing and support your friend after
  • 3
    Your friend tells you a big embarrassing secret; What do you do?
    Tell the bully who then tells the whole school
    Keep it to yourself
    Only tell your mutual friends
    Tell a complete stranger
  • 4
    You choose friends based on:
    Looks and popularity
  • 5
    You have:
    To many friends to count
    1 or 2 best friends
    A small group of close friends
  • 6
    If your friend is out of school for a week and they come back you:
    Are very considerate and ask them what happened
    Say why were you out you missed the awesome party stinks for you
    Do nothing and ignore them when they bring it up
    Ask if they want to copy your notes
    Pretend they weren't gone and go on with your life
  • 7
    You see your friend is upset you then
    Say "turn that frown upside-down" very enthusiastically
    Pretend not to notice
    Go give them a big hug and ask what is wrong
    Look at them and say wipe that ugly frown off your face loser
  • 8
    Your friend asks you who you like you:
    (if you don't like someone pretend you do)
    You tell them the honest truth
    Pretend you don't like someone because you think they will insult you
    Completely pour your heart out to them about how awesome you think your crush is
    Tell them to mind their own business
  • 9
    If your friend told you that they were doing something dangerous to their health (i.e. doing drugs) you would?
    Get them help and figure "better the hated friend that saved them than the loved friend that let them die"
    Not care
    Both tell them to stop and get them help
    Tell them they need to stop
    Talk to them and strongly urge them to get help
  • 10
    How long do your friendships last?
    1 day
    Several months

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