Which of my OCs are you?

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Which of my Sonic OCs are you most like?

  • 1
    First, what's your personality most like?
    Happy and optimistic, but I can be tough
    I'm quiet and tough, determined and maniacal
    I'm all fighter, I'm brave, loyal and a gentlemen
    I'm playful. I can make anyone laugh.
    I'm all tough, but I'm nice around the ladies/guys
  • 2
    What music do you listen to most of the time?
    As long as it isn't that classical shit, I'll take a listen.
    Metal, Goth, pop (no up beat though)
    Pop, rock, metal and R&B
    All kinds; except Rap and Hip-hop, I barely understand that crap
  • 3
    Someone makes a comment about you and it pisses you off. How would you react?
    Short sweet and to the point, I'd land them in the hospital in 3 seconds flat
    *cocks gun* My gun would be meeting their head in a split second
    Depends on how mad the comment makes me
    I'd find the person who said it, ask them to take it back, and if they don't, there's going to be a fight going on
    I'd calmly approach the person and find out why they would make such a comment
  • 4
    What would you say is your "Theme song"?
    I Hate Everything About You by Three Days Grace
    All My Best Friends Are Metalheads by Less Than Jake
    Sharada by Skye Sweetnam
    American Idiot by Green Day
    Kung Fu Fighting by Carl Douglas
  • 5
    What is your favourite color or color combo?
    Dark blue
    Dark red
    Dark green
    Black and white
  • 6
    What do you do in your free time?
    Training and plotting
    I'm training or I'm hanging with my friends
    Meditating or hanging out with my buds
    Band Practice
  • 7
    What about your friends?
    My best friend and I are always hanging out. with each other.
    I have a few friends, but only a handful of them can fight like me. And only half of that handful are girls. *sexy meow*
    It does not matter who or what my friends are or how many I have; I will have but one true friend in my life.
    I only have one friend out of the few partners I have...he's pretty nice.
    My friends are very funny and we always have fun. They also make good back up when fighting Doc(Dr. Eggman)
  • 8
    What's your favourite food?
    I'm strictly vegan.
    Anything with meat
    I don't really care
    Rice and chicken
  • 9
    Coffee, I need it to survive
    A little bit of everything I guess
    Any Herbal Tea
  • 10
    Time of day?
    All times of day are my favorite
  • 11
    You best friends get into a heated argument and are about to fight. What do you do?
    Pull the most irritated one away from the other
    I don't settle fights, I start them
    Get between the two so no one throws a punch
    Drag the two away to talk to them alone
    I don't settle fights, I root them on
  • 12
    What do you feel the most?
  • 13
    What matters more; mind or body?
    Mind; to understand your mind is to understand the world
    Body; it's my key to get the ladies
    Mind; I use it all the time in my scheming
    Both; body to fight and mind to control it with
    Mind; it's the center of knowledge and memories
  • 14
    What's your most prized possession?
    My book of Kung Fu Techniques
    My gun of course
    I have to prized possession but my mind and body
    A ruby pendant that belonged to my mother
    My old teddy bear from when I was a kid back at home
  • 15
    Weapon of Choice?
    My fists/feet
    My katana or fire/dark powers
    When encountered by a hostile enemy, my only weapon is the forces around me(elemental pretty much)
    My gun
    My Kung Fu moves

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