Full House Quiz for Die-Hard Fans

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Only those who REALLY know Full House will ace this quiz! CAUTION: Die Hard Full House Fans Only!

  • 1
    When Jesse first lands a record deal with Fat Fish Music, he is urged to alter his entire image. One image change was Jesse's name. What new, hip name was Jesse encouraged to take?
    The Jess-Man
    The Jess-Dawg
  • 2
    When Stephanie feels bad for lying to Danny about her judgment in getting in a car with Gia and two guys from the mall, DJ calms her down by telling her a story about when she and Kimmy hitch-hiked at age 13. Where did the two hitch-hike to?
    Giradeli Square
    The Other Side of the Bay
  • 3
    What was the song that DJ, Stephanie, and their mother, Pam, used to sing?
    Baby Beluga
    Down by the Bay (Where the Watermelons Grow)
    On Top of Spaghetti
    I Got You Babe
  • 4
    What is the name of Uncle Jesse's comb?
    Mr. Goodhair
    Mr. Goodslick
    Mr. Goodpart
    Mr. Goodcomb
  • 5
    When DJ became her Junior High's Newspaper Editor, she gave her best friend, Kimmy, this job:
    Gossip Columnist
    Sports Editor
    Cafeteria Reporter
    Horoscope Columnist
  • 6
    In Season One, Danny was asked by Linda, the Honey Bee Club organizer, to go on a date with her. Danny, who hasn't dated since Pam's death, is unsure of what to tell the girls. Where did Linda want to take Danny for their date?
    The Movies
    An Art Show
    An Opera
    A Concert
  • 7
    When the Tanner family goes off to a weekend trip to Disneyland, Jesse, and his then-girlfriend, Samantha, have the whole house to themselves. When Samantha is taking a shower upstairs, Jesse is in the kitchen cooking a candle-lit dinner for the two when all of a sudden he hears Danny's voice calling for him (the Tanner's couldn't go due to heavy fog). What song is Jesse singing when he is preparing dinner?
    I Can't Help Falling in Love with You
    Heartbreak Hotel
    Love Machine
    Staying Alive
  • 8
    When Stephanie is disappointed that DJ is moving out and in moving into Jesse's old room, she tells the family that she doesn't want to live with Michelle because Michelle is:
    "A Kindergarten Baby"
    "A Kindergarten Brat"
    "A Noisy Little Brat"
    "A Noisy Little Baby"
  • 9
    When Stephanie was in the 1st grade, she was "going out" with a boy named Harry. However, the relationship quickly grew unstable when Harry began to develop feelings for DJ. What did DJ do that attracted Harry?
    She was just "older" and more "mature"
    She made him a Hot-Pocket
    She told a funny joke
    She taught him a math problem
  • 10
    The Tanner's had a lovable golden retriever named Comet. What was Comet's mother's name and where did she run-away from?
    Winnie; Ohio
    Minnie; Iowa
    Minnie; Ohio
    Winnie; Indiana

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