Should you be friends?

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Do you ever have second thoughts about your supposed to be "Best Friend"? Do you worry that you shouldn't be friends with your supposed to be "Best friends"? Well let's find out!

  • 1
    Can you trust your best friend?
    Yea! She is on my best trust list!
    No! I worry all the time...can I trust her or can I not!
    Sort of...sometimes I think I can but other times....
  • 2
    Has she ever lied to you?
    No! She would never! She is truthful!
    She has a couple times....
    Yes and so many times!
  • 3
    Has she ever talked about you behind your back or started a rumor about you?
    I don't think. Well I don't hope
    No, never ever!
    Yes and it didn't feel so good..
  • 4
    Has she been there for you when you needed her?
    Yes, she's always the first!
    She's there sometimes just not all the time
    No...she leaves my side when I truly need her.
  • 5
    If you would get sick and couldn't go out would she some over and hang out or at least try to cheer you up?
    No, she'd just leave my side completely.
    Yea, she's done that before! I'm sure she'd do it again!
    Well....I don't know she has done that once or twice but then the rest...
  • 6
    If you bought a outfit would she tell you that you look good and then laugh about you behind your back or would she tell you the truth you need to get a new one?
    I don't know...I hope she'd tell the truth
    She'd probably tell me I look great then laugh at me...:(
    She would tell the truth! I am sure!
  • 7
    Would she choose you over her boyfriend?
    No! She has my back and I have hers... she would choose me!
    I don't know I think she would choose me....
    She'd choose her boyfriend.... she'd leave me
  • 8
    Does she trust you?
    No, she never has and I don't think she will.
    I like don't know, I hope but then I have doubts
    Yea, she's even told me! I know she does!
  • 9
    In your thoughts in 5 or 10 years do you picture you two being best friends still?
    Yea, we are best friends forever and always!
    I don't know
    Not be honest I wouldn't think she'd be there in 2 years..
  • 10
    Has she ever just turned her back on you?
    No! Never!
    I don't think she has