What House The Sorting Hat Would Put You In?

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Gryffindor? House of the Brave? Ravenclaw? House of the Wise? Slytherin? House of the Pure-bloods? Hufflepuff? House of Everybody Else?

  • 1
    Professor Quirrel is stealing the Sorcerer's Stone! And he's running away! What do you do?
    You catch up with him and tackle him.
    You run after him to see where he's going.
    You pull out your wand and try to stop him.
    You try to figure out a plan.
  • 2
    More and more students are being petrified... You are sure whatever is in the Chamber of Secrets is petrifying them. What do you do?
    You gather up a group of people to defeat the monster.
    You are more worried about who is the Slytherin's heir...
    You try to work out a strategy to defeat the monster when it's about to petrify someone.
    You try to find where the Chamber of Secrets is and stop he monster in there.
  • 3
    The so-called criminal Sirius Black is on the loose. You?
    You work out a plan to set him in a trap.
    You consult your smartest friend.
    You try to catch him to bring him to the Ministry of Magic.
    You try to catch him and demand his story.
  • 4
    Your name just popped out of the Goblet of Fire to compete in the Triwizard Tournament even thou you didn't put it in there and you're underage. You?
    You stare open-mouthed at the Goblet.
    You just compete in the Triwizard Tournament.
    You consult your friends.
    You wonder who put your name in the Goblet.
  • 5
    You just met Luna Lovegood. Your reaction?
    You call her Loony.
    You looked pitifully at her.
    You roll your eyes at her.
    You laugh at her with your friends.
  • 6
    You got a secondhand book from Professor Slughorn. That has potion shortcuts and new spells.
    You keep the book.
    Give it back right when you get your new book.
    You consult a teacher.
    You use the spells on your enemies to see what happens.
  • 7
    It's nineteen years after you graduated from Hogwarts. Your children's names are?
    Cho and Luna.
    Justin, Ernie, and Hannah.
    Albus, James, and Lily.
  • 8
    Your patronus would be?
  • 9
    Your favorite Defense Against Dark Arts (D.A.D.A.)teacher is?
  • 10
    Did you like this quiz? (nothing to do with your house just wondering).
    I could of studied...
    It was okay.

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