How Pretty Are You? (Girls Only)

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Everyone is beautiful inside and out, but do you stand out from the crowd?

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    What colour eyes do you have?
    What colour eyes do you have?

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no one (58229)
9 hours ago
"average joe" sums me up quite well tbh ahha
hANNAh (49821)
2 days ago
hEY Scarlett, if you love him let him know, you never know, he might have a crush on you too. I had a crush on this guy in hs and wasn't bold enough to tell him, he transferred and I saw him years later and he reffered to me as his 'ex-gf', he said we were dating in his head(you know high schoolers) which was creepy but if only I came forward we could have made it work. I finally told him I had a crush on him that day, he smiled and asked if I wanted to be friends, I said 'sure' and we took it one step after the other(still going strong)..Long story short, kinda let him know.
Emilie (80765)
2 days ago
amelie (87124)
3 days ago
they said im gorgeous though ;] and uniqueee
amelie (87124)
3 days ago
Scarlett (80765)
5 days ago
I have the biggest obsession with this super nice guy who's my friends older brother, and is a few year older than me. I wanna be pretty, cause there's a girl who's older than me; And she's gorgeous. Not only that, but I think she likes the guy I like. She has a better chance at getting him than I do. :(((eteal)
Rachel (59560)
6 days ago
Who cares if we are pretty or not?WE can only decide ourselves if we are pretty!our point in life is NOT TO ATTRACT MEN!!!!!!!!
Ciara (03567)
9 days ago
I’m average but I’m ok with it lol
kaleisha (47243)
11 days ago
well I always get called pretty like by my my boyfriend friends strangers but I'm just a girl with sandy blonde hair aqua eyes and pale skin big lips with small eyes so there's nothing really to look at some of you may think I'm pretty well I'm an average person with a beautiful personality and a pretty dace
Irrelevant (64283)
12 days ago
I'm uglyyyyyyyyyyyyy and irrelevant,I got no one to like me
These quizzes are very (10181)
13 days ago
Inaccurate. I am guessing you came here for a real answer as to if you are pretty or not so you could just know once and for all.

Anything these quizzes tell you, it is inaccurate. Y'know how I know?
I once took a quiz on if I was fat or not. (Because I wanted an honest answer) and the quiz stated I was chubby/fat... Oo boy were they wrong. My doctor said I was perfect weight (this was a couple months after). So girls... you are all beautiful because God made you perfect.
Me (10181)
13 days ago
Average joe. Yey.

You are all beautiful girls. :D oooooof
Fiona (99202)
15 days ago
I honestly don’t think I’m gorgeous.

Hello gorgeous!
Noone calls me beautiful (95490)
16 days ago
.... Why am I do ugly ...
Lili (12016)
17 days ago
I'm not pretty I'm ugly
Calli (19557)
17 days ago
Hello gorgeous!

Umm... did they get this right?

I don't actually think I'm as pretty as they say, BC(I'm ugly) I'm not the type of dumb blonde at all! I may have been told I'm unique once or twice, but I thought that was a bad thing!
The Struggle Is Real (41461)
18 days ago
“You are not going to be signing a modeling contract” OH THANK GOODNESS.

Well, I suppose the fact that I am an “average joe” (come on can’t I at least be a Joanne?) explains why no ones ever asked me out before... XD
Phoebe (52228)
18 days ago
You are what people consider an “average Joe

Exuse me
Liv (15456)
20 days ago
Hello, gorgeous! Abnormally pretty. Perfect combination of beauty and brains
Yay! (62923)
20 days ago
I got I’m gorgeous with some unique features and that I’m the perfect combination of beauty and brains!!!