How Pretty Are You? (Girls Only)

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Everyone is beautiful inside and out, but do you stand out from the crowd?

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    What colour eyes do you have?
    What colour eyes do you have?

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someone (05489)
46 days ago
Yeah I don't know about this test... It's fake
Chelsea (02250)
46 days ago
I fell like a I'm the ugliest person alive
thugpug (12082)
47 days ago
yeah, and the days I feel good about myself I have to change what makes me feel pretty
TheMostCurious (47010)
47 days ago
It gave me something I already knew. I KNOW IM AVERAGE
Wolf (96096)
48 days ago
I is beautiful, Thatsa my story and I'm sticking to it, blondes do have more fun,fake blondes that is, Hehehe !!!!
Anon (69148)
48 days ago
This just made me feel worse about myself, I know I’m ugly but I thought his would’ve made me have more confidence
Nala (77085)
48 days ago
Ashley (06150)
50 days ago
I don't know why, but only blonds seem to get the pretty things, i guess. That makes me feel self consiuos cause im a blond. oh well
Your name: (06150)
50 days ago
i was just kidding lol
Your name: (06150)
50 days ago
guess who i am? paola andin_
Elisabeth (51778)
52 days ago
Hi,i think,i have 87_100 but,idk...
Lilly 👑 (83006)
54 days ago
Certificate: Test results
How Pretty Are You? (Girls Only)
1001Hello, gorgeous! (sorry that sounded weird ) You may not have the best style, but you have some distinct unique features, and you are “abnormally pretty.” Not weird, but unique. You enjoy people commenting on your impressive looks, but you don’t strive for perfection and you don’t aim to please others, you please yourself. You are a charming, dazzling person, and many people would kill to be you. You are the perfect combination of beauty and brains, and you know that.

Take this quiz: How Pretty Are You? (Girls Only)
az (48263)
55 days ago
hello gorgeous!
i don't thing this is right not on the looks part but this part "but you don't strive for perfection and you don't aim to please others" and the part that says u dont have the best sense of style bc my style is the nky thing im confident about and everyone around me seems to love it so..?
Lora (59350)
57 days ago
Eh, I'm the "average joe". Everyday girl lol. I don't mind that title as I'm pretty happy being decent and fitting in. After all, it's all about what is on the inside, rather than the outside!
Brynn (99576)
58 days ago
I got average. The only reason I took this quiz is that I'm insecure. Today I actually was crying to my mom. It sounds like something a little kid would do, but I couldn't help it. So many boys tell me my nose is huge. It just makes me so upset because when they hear my name they think the girl with the big nose. Society sucks. Its ideas of beauty just make me want to puke. People don't see others by their personalities, just their body!
Done (17106)
62 days ago
Listen, I take this quiz cuz I have my own thoughts on how I look. Some people are very insecure about themselves and others are overly confident. But to say that this a lie? Sure... I mean God made us the way he wanted us to look... But it's a quiz. I just wanted to say that almost 100% of these "are you pretty" tests aren't gonna be totally accurate. Don't take the stinking quiz if you always expect to hear some answer about "everyone is so stinking pretty". If you believe that and aren't taking this for fun, then why take a quiz like this anyway. You can't be classified by a quiz that you yourself called wrong. So stop worrying about it.
BLUNT AF 101 (48469)
64 days ago
Look. I retook the quiz with all the sterio typical pretty girl answers. (That sound rude af) but anyway, my results where as expected. The sterio typical got the higher scores. 🙄
Honesty, it really depends on the person you are asking to tell u if u r pretty. Opinions are not facts!!!!!🤬 They r just what a person prefers. I think that everyone has beauty in physical characteristics, personality, and/or talents. People relate to insecurity but you won’t feel good until you get confidence in yourself. So focus on wut ur good at! Become an expert at it! And it’s ok to show off every once in a while. 😏
BIH (40914)
65 days ago
it’s a plain old lie everyone is beautiful and perfect the way they are that’s why god made us this way they don’t even know how we look so ya they will consider blondes the pretties well IDC bf we all know that beauty is in the inside not the outside so this quiz is fake
her (91563)
65 days ago
I'm ugly, I don't need a test to tell me that. But I truly believe you are all beautiful people.
Tuhhh (60764)
66 days ago
I didn't take the quiz because I know I'ma beautiful but these comments funny af 😂😂😂😥