How Pretty Are You? (Girls Only)

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Everyone is beautiful inside and out, but do you stand out from the crowd?

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    What colour eyes do you have?
    What colour eyes do you have?

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a person (96113)
67 days ago
Apparently I’m average, even though I know I pretty.
Anonymous (91961)
68 days ago
Liars liars everywhere
Preeti (60609)
68 days ago
everything it said in the results were wrong I believe I'm Ugly with a capital U 😑
Anonymous (70384)
70 days ago
I really don’t think I’m pretty at all, but all pretty quizzes say I am. But I know I’m not. How do I find out the truth?
idk (92444)
71 days ago
lol im ugly ;)xd
Shay (66751)
72 days ago
First off, I'm not average, my bf has bright blue hair andryer I'm 5' 7 at 12, second I think BEAUTY IS INSIDE it don't mater if they say your an average joe or not, your UNIQUE AND nobody looks like you (unless twin/triplets/whatever) SO YOU ROCK YOU AND BE AMAZING💕 LOVE Y'ALL AND BE HAPPY FOR WHO YOU ARE(epurple))
Alison (Ali) (67698)
73 days ago
Apparently im bold and confident! More of a loner and quiet but OK xD
Adrianne (57257)
75 days ago
I got:
Hello, gorgeous! (sorry that sounded weird ) You may not have the best style, but you have some distinct unique features, and you are “abnormally pretty.” Not weird, but unique. You enjoy people commenting on your impressive looks, but you don’t strive for perfection and you don’t aim to please others, you please yourself. You are a charming, dazzling person, and many people would kill to be you. You are the perfect combination of beauty and brains, and you know that.
Pretty happy with my results
Sindy (18556)
77 days ago
I hope I am beautiful
Kk (37445)
81 days ago
They tell me not to strive for perfection because I am beautiful enough but I don’t believe it I feel like people only complement out of pity because I am sad and alone
Memphis Cadiero (93124)
81 days ago
Well I'm not as pretty as I thought 👎🏽
dominique venter (51278)
83 days ago
im the most pretty lol i dont think so
Me (52764)
83 days ago
It said I was an 'Average joe'. FIRST OF ALL: I am tall for my age, I'm only in grade fiv and I'm 5' something...(hehe). SECOND OF ALL: For my class photo, pretty much everyone was wearing more 'plain' stuff...then I show up and I'm wearing a bunch of stripes! THIRD/LAST OF AL: I am NOT average and when someone calls me average it's like an insult.

Oh yeah and FOURTH OF ALL: My name's not know that I'm pretty dumb) XD
laura cinda (80069)
85 days ago
It says that I am the prettiest girl ever seen in history.... oh really?
Saysay (55991)
85 days ago
Mine was a good result:)
Willow (17894)
85 days ago
I'm 12 and I'm a 6'1 girl don't tell me I 'blend in', geez 😂
NOT average (34998)
86 days ago
I'm NOT average I'm 5 foot 3 1/2 inches and I'm only in fifth grade
Lauren (59561)
87 days ago
Tbh im not average, im hella tall
Katorah (83567)
90 days ago
Every one is pretty it doesn't matter because you are you and no body can change that😻😻😻😻😻.
Jayda (13872)
93 days ago
it doesnt matter who is pretty because we were all made from the same person and He made everyone the same way. people be rude sometimes and act as if you made yourself look ugly. DO YOU AGREE????