How Pretty Are You? (Girls Only)

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Everyone is beautiful inside and out, but do you stand out from the crowd?

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    What colour eyes do you have?
    What colour eyes do you have?

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this is (84874)
95 days ago
zainxb (55101)
96 days ago
my results : Hello, gorgeous! (sorry that sounded weird ) You may not have the best style, but you have some distinct unique features, and you are “abnormally pretty.” Not weird, but unique. You enjoy people commenting on your impressive looks, but you don’t strive for perfection and you don’t aim to please others, you please yourself. You are a charming, dazzling person, and many people would kill to be you. You are the perfect combination of beauty and brains, and you know that.
Grace (22468)
97 days ago
“God I’m just average I really wanted that modelling contract life ruined”
Maria (39275)
97 days ago
Please stop
I am not average I am savage and I’m gonna slap you
Mouthbreather (69025)
98 days ago
Haha I'm an Average Joe. I'm doing just fine I lied dying inside......
Calli (52028)
98 days ago
Haha it said I’m an average joe and that I wouldn’t sign a modeling contract. I am a model😂
Kenzie Ann (62528)
99 days ago
It said I was an Average Joe Im fabulous ok.I wear coach purses and expensive rings lol.Why did I take this quiz.Im 17 .
Run (74403)
100 days ago
Don't take this quiz if you want to get lied to. Because every single girl is a creation from God, and He made every single girl beautiful and unique. Don't let anyone tell you that you are ugly!! BECAUSE YOU ARE GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!
Maddie (97980)
105 days ago
I’m in 6th grade and it says I’m abnormally pretty but I’m 6th grade I don’t care.
Sara (01906)
105 days ago
It said I was an average joe AND ITS TRUE. THE DESCRIPTION MATCHED ME GREATLY. I'm pretty cute though ask my my boyfriend. IM ONLY IN 6th GRADE THOUGH SO WHO AM I TO JUDGE
Reahkat (81210)
110 days ago
This test said that I was an Average Joe. I read the description, and I found that the description matched me completely! Omg I can't believe that I matched me almost completely.
Trinity (22029)
110 days ago
This says I am abnormally pretty and that people would kill to be me. I have never heard a bigger lie in my life. Everyone hates me. I hate me. This quiz if FAKE NEWS
Jydfcf (06290)
110 days ago
meg (49209)
110 days ago
i got avg joe and it kind of annoys me and makes me feel guilty :(
Lilly (32998)
110 days ago
I just got a comment from a stranger and they said I had an amazing figure weird but I know I have clear skin and big blue eyes but In primary school I was called spotty
Lilly (32998)
110 days ago
I have been am a teenage model and my boyfriend watched me take the quiz and said you are very cute babe but I got the average jo
Greta (02676)
111 days ago
My friend got the "Average Joe" one, and god💗it she hung herself last night!!!!!!!!!
silly lilly (92369)
111 days ago
This is absolute rubbish! I got the "Average Joe" one, with the "you're not gonna sign a modeling contract" but I'm already part of a modeling contract lol
rando bish (67886)
114 days ago
lol this is fake i got "hello gorgeous"
Inner Beauty Matters (41525)
116 days ago
“Yellow gorgous” I honestly know I’m lucky. I’ve got clear skin and people tell me I’ve got a great body cuz I’m a dancer. I really would love to get into modeling. But it takes more than some silly quiz to define a beautiful person. The beauty is on the inside ladies. Don’t forget that. ❤️😊