The Nanny named Fran, know her well?

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You think you know the lady in red, when everybody else is wearing tan, well? Try the quiz and see how well!

  • 1
    Continue the song:
    So over the bridge from Flushing to the Sheffield's door,
    she was there to sell make-up but the father saw more...
    She had style, she had flair, she was there
    She had flair, she had class, she was there
    She had flair, she had style, she was there
    She had style, she had class, she was there
    She had class, she had style, she was there
  • 2
    What is the name of Maxwell Sheffield's half sister (whom they found out about after his father died)?
  • 3
    What was Fran's explanation to answering "YES" to Michael's proposal to Maggie?
    She was too excited about Maggie's wedding
    Instinct, she can't help not answering a proposal
    She likes Michael like a son
    A mistake, she thought Maggie already said "YES"
  • 4
    What is C.C.'s full name?
    Charity Claire Babcock
    Chastity Clara Babcock
    Charity Clara Babcock
    Chastity Claire Babcock
  • 5
    How many times has Niles proposed to C.C.?
  • 6
    Who played Eddie, Maggie's first "boyfriend"?
    Patrick Dempsey
    James Marsden
    Matt Damon
    Hugh Jackman
    Jonathan Penner
  • 7
    What was Sarah's answer when Maxwell ask her why she sent Fran to him with that voice?
    She thought Fran had a cold
    She thought it'll be good as the Sheffield's house is too quiet after her death
    She thought that's part of Fran's charm
    She thought that the most important thing is Fran's loving and caring heart
  • 8
    What is C.C.'s dog's name and who does he actually belong to?
    Chester and he belongs to Charles Shaughnessy
    Chatter and he belongs to Lauren Lane
    Chatter and he belongs to Daniel Davis
    Chester and he belongs to Fran Drescher
  • 9
    Why does Maxwell hate Andrew Llyod Webber most?
    They just plain hate each other
    Andrew is hugely successful whereas Maxwell had many flops
    Maxwell is jealous of Andrew
    Andrew made Cats a huge hit after Maxwell had rejected to produce it
  • 10
    What's Fran's father's name?
  • 11
    On which episode did Niles propose to C.C. for the first time?
    The Finale: Part 1
    The Engagement
    The Producers
    Maggie's Wedding
    The Finale: Part 2
  • 12
    What did Fran use to write her resume?
    Eyebrow pencil
    Lip pencil
  • 13
    Who has never appeared as guest star in the series?
    Bill Clinton
    Whoopi Goldberg
    Elizabeth Taylor
    Whitney Houston
    Celine Dion
  • 14
    Continue the conversation:
    C.C.: Who is it? Is it my mother B.B.?
    Maxwell: It's your sister
    C.C.: D.D.!
    Maxwell: ....
    And her father is E.E.
    And her father is A.A.
    They save a lot in engraving
    They save a lot in name cards
  • 15
    Who played Maggie, Brighton and Gracie, respectively?
    Nicole Tom, Benjamin Salibury, Madeline Zuma
    Madeline Zima, Benjamin Salisbury, Nicholle Tom
    Nicholle Tom, Benjamin Salisbury, Madeline Zima
    Madeline Zuma, Benjamin Salisbury, Nicole Tom
  • 16
    Who first realized the love between Fran and Maxwell?
  • 17
    Which university was Brighton planning to go?
  • 18
    After their wedding, why did Fran fell off the cruise ship?
    She was bumped by another passenger and fell
    She was trying to get her wedding ring that fell overboard
    She tried to sit and the edge of the ship and fell
    She slipped and fell overboard
    She was nervous and looked too far to the ocean and fell
  • 19
    Why did Fran break up with the funeral director?
    He wanted to be an artist
    He wanted to be a cosmetician
    He was too morbid
    He wanted to be a clown
    He wasted to be a superstar
  • 20
    C.C. never remembers the names of the children except once when she was guessing. Who did she call by the right name?

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