Inheritance quiz

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Quiz on all 3 books...

  • 1
    How many chickens did "Master Gamble" steal from a "pale man" and how much money was he ordered to give him to repay the chickens?
    I don't know...
    10 chickens and 12 coppers
    8 chickens and 2 coppers per chicken
    13 chickens and a copper per chicken
    9 chickens and a copper per chicken
  • 2
    What were the two first lines of Eragon's poem he read out during the Blood-Oath Celebration?
    On frigid winter's final day, was born a man but one task
    Taught to spy the thief in black, to block his blows and fight the fiend
    Nurtured by the kind and wise, under oaks as old as time
    In the kingdom by the sea, in the mountains mantled blue,
    In the dark before the dawn, in the room where slept the man
  • 3
    Why didn't Murtagh want to travel to the Varden?
    He betrayed the Varden long ago
    There was no particular reason
    He did not want to side with Galbatorix's enemies
    I don't know
    Because he was Morzan's son
  • 4
    Who was pursuing Eragon, Murtagh and Saphira in the Hadarac Desert?
    Galbatorix's army
    The Ra'zac
    The elves
  • 5
    What did Eragon write on Brom's gravestone?
    Here lies Brom, a Dragon Rider . May his name live on in glory.
    Brom never died
    Here Lies Brom. Who was a Dragon Rider. And like a father to me. May his name live on in glory
    Here Lies a Dragon RIder, Brom. Who was like a father to me. May his name live on in glory
    Here lies Brom, Who was like a father to me. May his name live on in glory.
  • 6
    Why didn't anyone call the Forsworn's Dragon's by their name?
    Their names were unknown to everyone
    A spell was cast so no one can utter their names anymore
    They were never given a name by their Riders
    They could not remember what they were called by
    People considered their names unimportant
  • 7
    Why did Eragon decide to remain behind in Helgrind?
    He wanted to investigate the place and look for things useful
    He never did remain behind in the Empire
    Because he could not just leave Sloan there and a Ra'zac still remained
    He had not managed to kill any of the Ra'zac or the Lethrblaka
    He had yet to kill Sloan whom he discovered
  • 8
    What were Rhunon's two theories of why Eragon's new sword (Brisingr) bursts to flames every time he uttered its name?
    I don't know
    He had either purposely lit it with magic or he came upon its true name
    He helped forge the sword or he had intended to light it on fire
    He had helped forge the sword and he may have discovered its true name
  • 9
    What is an Eldunari?
    The sign on Eragon's palm
    A dragon's heart of hearts
    A dwarf clan
    Where the elves come from
    Sloan's true name
  • 10
    What were the two first lines of a poem Bladgen recite to Saphira while she was eating quince pie?
    Dragons, like wagons Have tongues
    Dragons like flagons have necks
    Two of them hold beer, while the other one eats deer
    I don't know

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