Which Female character from Harry Potter are you?

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Though the Wizarding World is filled with females of all kind, only a select few stick out to the infamous Harry Potter. Are you Hermione Granger: Intelligent beyond your wits, a loyal friend, and a secret lover to a long time friend? Or could you be Cho Chang: Sweet, sensitive, popular. What about Luna Lovegood: Strange, other-worldly, and smart. But maybe Ginny Weasley: A fiery red-head with a no bull policy, tough enough to hang with the boys, and patient enough to wait for her true love?

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    What is you favorite color?
    Red: Compassionate
    Green: Intelligent
    Blue: Calm
    Pink: Girly
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    Your crush is approaching you, what do you do?
    Strut up to him and begin to bat your eyelashes, in hopes he will notice your attempt at flirting.
    Crush? I don't believe I've had one of those before...
    Muster up the courage to ask him about his day but when you get face to face with him all the courage fades and you find yourself turning red, so you walk away.
    Ask him if he has finished his Potions homework, and if not scold him for waiting for the last minute.
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    You have free time, what do you do with it?
    Hang with a large group of friends and catch up on the school gossip.
    Rush to the Library to read up on defensive charms.
    Grab my broomstick and ask my crush if he'd like to join me on the Quidditch pitch for a quick game.
    Wander the grounds in hope of locating a Nargle.
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    Voldemort's army is invading the castle, what do you do when you're ordered to stay away from the action?
    Devise a creative plan to trick them into letting me go help out.
    Stay put. I don't want to die.
    Find a back way around them, to join the fight.
    Demand a reason, and force them to let me fight!
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    Unexpectdly, you kiss your crush, what gave you the courage to do that?
    The excitement from the game was everywhere and I didn't care who was watching, all I cared was that the boy that I've liked for the past six years noticed me and kissed me. I didn't think once about why or what gave me the courage to do it, but was happy that it happened.
    He remembered the House Elves! I guess I was so flustered with everything that the courage just hit me and I let myself do it. Well I'm glad I did, because he would have never kissed me first.
    I need to move on from my ex-boyfriend and i really like this guy so I figured this was a good place to start.
    Kiss? I've never kissed a boy before.
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    Where would you take your boyfriend for a date?
    To Hogsmeade so that everyone could see us.
    If I ever got a boyfriend, I would take him out to help me search for Nargles.
    Under our tree by the lake, so that we could be alone.
    To the Library so that we could study together and hide between shelves...
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    What is your Patronus?
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    What is your hair color?
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    What would you most likely say?
    "The Crumple-Horned Snorkack can't fly,"
    "Just because you've got the emotional range of a teaspoon doesn't mean we all have."
    I'm sorry but someone's already asked me. And well, I've, I've said I'll go with him.
    "The thing about growing up with Fred and George is that you sort of start thinking anything's possible if you've got enough nerve."
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    Last Question.... What word describes you the best?

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Brooke ( 2.173 )
Posted 325 days ago
Really! Hermione! I'm more like Nymphadora Tonks