How Well Do You Know Your Endangered Words?

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10 Questions - Developed by: Dean Rumble - Developed on: - 5.135 taken

It seems that certain words are at risk of being lost to the English language - see if you are able to correctly define them. For accurate results please refrain from using a dictionary.

  • 1
    The entrance to an aqueduct
    A person who is afraid of being under water
    Someone who drinks water
    A method of fishing involving your hands
    A bib specifically designed to absorb water
  • 2
    The screw used to tighten a person's retainer
    A floral extension to a bride's veil
    A member of the swallow family, indigenous to Tasmania
    A branch of dentistry involving the gums
    Something which is nine inches in length
  • 3
    The process of the brain sending messages across the body
    The act of breathing through one nostril
    A disease of vines so that they grow no fruit
    A symptom of rabies whereby the person coughs up blood
    When a threat is made against a religion
  • 4
    A town located in Arkansas
    The smallest bone in the ear
    A small flightless bird in South America
    Scottish slang for a prostitute
    Describing something as dry and brittle
  • 5
    The largest canal in the lymphatic system
    A mythical beast with the head of a crocodile and the body of a fish
    The worship of Martin Luther and his teachings
    The study of the moon and its bearings
    The alignment of a planet's moons
  • 6
    Someone who has had their liver removed
    Someone who has marital claims to the throne
    Someone who sells fruit
    Someone in favour of euthanasia
    Someone who collects feathers
  • 7
    A method of extracting glucose from yeast
    To have your fat burned off via exercise
    The act of embarrassing someone
    To be at a loss for words
    To scare someone
  • 8
    Someone who studies roses
    Someone who studies bone marrow
    Someone who studies noses
    Someone who studies soil
    Someone who studies rhinoceroses
  • 9
    A disease where a reptile's skin starts to grow fungi
    To describe something that has legs
    The clippers used to pluck a person's eyelashes
    A form of removing lime scale from metal
    The goblet which holds the wine in church services
  • 10
    A vial in which cultists will store their blood
    The art of painting onto ivory
    The name given to gardens which specifically grow herbs
    An altar where sacrifices are made
    The chamber connecting the stomach to the intestines

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