How Smart are You?

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Use this quiz to see if your smart or not

  • 1
    A serial killer is chasing you down. What do you do?
    Go and hide some place safe
    Go up to the killer and give him a big hug!
    Get a gun and kill him first
    Watch TV with your windows open
  • 2
    You need to lose weight. What fast food restaurant do you go to?
    Taco Bell
  • 3
    You are playing MarioKart. You can choose from carts. There is Cart A, which is the fastest, Cart B, which turns the best, Cart C, which has the most power or Cart D, which sucks at every thing. Which one do you choose? P.S. you are doing Rainbow Road, if you know what I Mean.
    Cart B
    Cart D
    Cart C
    Cart A
  • 4
    If a tree falls in the woods, and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?
    I'm not sure.............................
    Stop confusing me!
    Yes, it still fell down!
  • 5
    When is the last time you ate worms?
    2 weeks ago
    Last Night! It's yummy in my tummy!
    When I was little
  • 6
    A Dad and a Son are in a car accident. the dad dies and the son needs surgery. The son goes to the operation room but he can't get surgery because the lead surgeon recently died. How did the lead surgeon die?
    Not enough info
    A peaceful death
    In a car accident
    Did someone say Operation? I Love board games!
  • 7
    Choose the tasty food
  • 8
    How many outs are in an inning on baseball?
    3 outs
    I Don't Know! My brain broke!
    1 out
    6 outs
  • 9
    Are you pissed off that there's still more questions?
    Should I?
  • 10
    This is the last question!
    This is a quiz? I DIDN'T STUDY! NO
    Finally done!

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