Will he kiss you or ignore you?

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Find out if that guy you like will kiss you or ignore you with 12 easy questions!

  • 1
    When he walks by me in the hallway he.......
    Hi fives me
    Completely ignores me and talks to another girl.
    Chats with me for a while.
    Asks me for last period's homework
  • 2
    Say that you were at a dance/party/etc. and your favorite slow song comes on and you see him......
    Sees you looking at him and walks out!
    Walking over to some other girl (asking her to dance, UGGGHH!)
    Walking over to me.: D
    Sitting with his friends and you see him glancing at you.
  • 3
    Have you ever caught him staring at you?
    Yes, but it's kind of creeping me out.
    No, I'm usually the one looking at him.
    Not really but I kind of get the feeling that he's looking at me.
    Yes, he always looks at me!
  • 4
    Is he currently dating someone?
    Yes and he's totally into her!
    No, but when I look at him he gives me a look that he's with someone.
    Yes, but they're nothing special.
    No, he's single!
  • 5
    When choosing seats in class he.....
    Sits as far away as he can get.
    I'm always surrounded by my friends and the table gets filled up too fast!
    Sits with his friends but near a table that I'm sitting at.
    Always sits next to me!
  • 6
    What would he most likely do at a party when he sees you there?
    Sits with his friends. Ignoring me.
    Grab a random girl and start talking to her.(as if he were going out with her!)
    Talks to me.
    Dances with other girls.
  • 7
    When he sees you talking to another guy he would....
    Talk to me
    Come up to me and push the other guy away.
    Talk to the other guy
    Keep walking
  • 8
    Your teacher asks your class to get a partner. Your guy.....
    Picks his friend
    Picks another girl
    Stays solo
    Picks me
  • 9
    Does he try to make you jealous?
    Yes, but I don't think he's joking.....
    No, he just goes straight to me.
    Yes, he claims to be going out with some one.
  • 10
    Does he have your number?
    I don't think he has a cell phone.
    No, but he's emailed me.
    Yes, he just asked me for it.
  • 11
    Do you have anything in common?
    We don't have a lot in common.
    We have nothing in common.
    We have a lot but there are some differs.
    We have so much in common!
  • 12
    Last question, do you know if he likes you?
    No, I don't think he does.
    Yeah but, he made it really obvious.
    I have no clue.
    Yes, my friends have been talking about it.

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