Who's your leading man?

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Who would you be matched with in the world of book characters? Harry from Harry Potter? Edward from Twilight? Dimitri from Vampire Academy? Or maybe Jace from The Mortal Instruments? Take this quick quiz and find out!

  • 1
    What's one thing you love about him?
    He always takes my feelings into consideration.
    He's loyal.
    He's strong (physically and mentally)
    He's smart.
  • 2
    What's one thing you hate?
    He loses his temper easily.
    He doesn't express his feelings a lot.
    He's jealous.
    He sometimes shuts down when it comes to talking about feelings.
  • 3
    What would your first kiss be like?
    Awkward but sweet.
    Dangerous but beautiful.
    Strange but fantastic.
    Illegal but everything I've ever wanted.
  • 4
    If something happened, why would he ask you to run?
    He knows you can handle yourself, but you need to get help and he doesn't want you getting hurt.
    Because he doesn't want you to be in any danger.
    Because he doesn't think you could handle yourself in the situation.
    He thinks you're too weak and you'd be hurt and he'd never be able to forgive himself.
  • 5
    Is he stubborn?
    All the time, but I win a lot of the time.
    Usually, but sometimes I can persuade him.
    Incredibly so. I never win, not really. And if I do, it has a million conditions.
    Oh yes, extremely. But I don't listen.
  • 6
    What would your first date be?
    Sitting in the greenhouse, talking and laughing.
    Going for a drive and walk to somewhere nice - I don't care where.
    Just enjoying each others company - I don't care what we do.
    A walk around the grounds and maybe watch a game or two.
  • 7
    Why would he ever leave you?
    He could hurt you.
    Because someone else could get hurt if he let himself love you.
    Because where he was going, you couldn't follow.
    It interferes with how his life was supposed to go.
  • 8
    What does he look like?
    Tall and extremely pale with chestnut hair and stunning gold eyes that can change colours.
    Tall and pale with almost white blond hair and stunning gold eyes.
    Tall and tanned skin with amazingly dark brown hair and soft brown eyes.
    Pale and medium height with messy black hair and striking green eyes.
  • 9
    What would you do if he was in danger?
    Fight his orders and try to help as much as you can.
    Worry but know if you tried to help, you could get hurt and he'd never forgive himself.
    Get help first before finding him and helping him.
    Help him, no matter what.
  • 10
    If he gave you a gift, what would you want?
    I hate gifts, but he gives me them anyway.
    Something of his, just an old jumper so I could remember him when he was gone. Or maybe he could just stay...
    Nothing, all I want is for us to be together.

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