Are these the signs of true love in your relationship?

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You MIGHT think you like or love him, but you can be wrong as ever! See if you & him are meant to be or just meant to be friends.

  • 1
    Does he ever look or stare at you?
    Most of the time
    Sometimes, but he always has something to do
    Like, ALWAYS!
    No, he doesn't look at me that way
  • 2
    Does he know you like him?
    Yea, & he told me he likes me back.
    Most Definitely!
    No, I'm too nervous!
    I want him to know. He might run away.
  • 3
    Do either one of you have each other's phone number?
    He/I wrote it down & gave it to them (even if we didn't ask for it)
    No, he only talk at school
    He asked for mine & I gave it to him quick
    I asked for his & he gave it to me quickly
  • 4
    Did you go wit him, even if he was your friend's ex-boyfriend?
    No! Why would you even ask that question!
    It's wrong to do my friend like that, but I like him so much.
    He's only a friend-type to me, not boyfriend-type.
    Yea, he's too cute to go to waste.
  • 5
    Did you two ever kiss?
    Yes, but it was just a cute little peck on the lip/cheek.
    We just started going together.
    No, he don't know me that well yet.
    Yes, & it was GREAT!
  • 6
    Did you two ever held hands?
    He thinks it's TOO mushy.
    He always rubbing my hands. Does that count?
    I hold his first.
    He always holds mine first.
  • 7
    Did he ever touch you?
    Yes, either around the arm or on my waist.
    He hates doing that.
    He always touches me in inappropriate places.
    He does it sometimes, but not all the time.
  • 8
    Do you two ever hug each other?
    We hug a long time.
    Sometimes, but not in front of our friends.
    No, it's too embarrassing & mushy.
    YES! He never wants to let go.
  • 9
    Did he ever talk to you when you're around your friends?
    No, my friends always look at him like they're mad.
    Yes, he just love to talk to me, no matter what happens.
    Sometimes, he stays around his friends mostly.
    Yes, he doesn't care. He loves me.
  • 10
    Does he write you notes?
    I have to write him one first.
    He just responds to me, he doesn't write notes.
    Yea, always everyday.
    No, he doesn't like me that way.
  • 11
    Does he flirt with other girls? (tell the truth)
    Sometimes, but he knows who not to play around with.
    Yeah, & he doesn't care if I'm looking at him.
    Yes, but when I look at him, he comes running to me.
    No, he loves me too much to mess with other girls.
  • 12
    Do either of you get jealous when a girl is talking to your boyfriend?
    No, we know they are just friends
    HELL YEAH! I get really mad.
    No, we don't pay attention to that.
    Yes, but we don't cause a scene.
  • 13
    Does he talk his ex-girlfriend around you?
    Sometimes, but he doesn't want to go back with her.
    No, he doesn't talk to her at all. He's WAY over her.
    Yeah, I don't near-by like that.
    NEVER! He loves me too much.
  • 14
    Do you ever cheat on him? (TELL THE TRUTH)
    No, he will get really mad.
    I try to, but he's just too cute to get away from.
    Yea, I can't help it. That's just me! I'm flirty.
    OH NO! I love him too much.
  • 15
    Do you two talk in school only, outside of school, or just talk to each other 24/7?
    We only talk in school.
    EVERYWHERE! Phone, cellphones, text messages, name it!
    Only outside of school.
    We don't even talk in school. What you talking about?

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lou_la ( 2.125 )
Posted 183 days ago
oh god thanx hun :* !! i'll do with ur advice ^^