Do You And Your Best Guy Friend Have More Than What You May Think?

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    How often do you see your best guy friend?
    We never see each other anymore.
    We probably could meet up more...
    Every now and then..
    Every single day.
  • 2
    Be honest, have you ever brought up the idea of you two together?
    Actually, he brought the idea up!
    Yeah. He seemed pretty interested!
    Nah.. Awkward isn't our thing.
    Yes. Um. We don't talk about that.
  • 3
    Has he ever lent anything of his to you?
    No. I think he's just a little selfish.
    Yep. His jacket! It was like a movie scene!
    His favorite movie, video game, or CD.
    Nope. But I've never asked so it's all good(:
  • 4
    When (if) you catch him staring at you, what does he do?
    Not much staring goes on here...
    Try to cover for it. *you're not fooling anyone, honey.*
    Wave. Obviously embarrassed.
    Quickly look away.
  • 5
    Does he try to keep in touch with you when you're not at school, work, etc.?
    We see enough of each other during the day
    He calls me a lot. He uses up all of my minutes!
    Nope. He makes absolutely no effort.
    We text all the time.
  • 6
    The sweetest thing he's ever said to you goes along the lines of...
    "You look nice today."
    "you're cool"
    "If you ever have a problem with anyone, tell me and I'll take care of it"
    "You're gorgeous."
  • 7
    Do you think he likes you?
    You tell me.
    I'm really convinced that he does
    Heck yes. He told me so.
    Not one bit. I actually think he hates me
  • 8
    Has he ever touched you? How?
    He accidentally on purpose kicks my feet and touches my hand all the time.
    He's grabbed my arm to show me something. Does that count?
    No. But he obviously wants to.
    We hug all the time.
  • 9
    Does he flirt with you?
    Sometimes. Just a little.
    Yeah. He tries to be discreet... It's kind of cute.
    He's a big-time flirter. (is that a word!)
    Not usually. No.
    The thought of that is- Gross.
  • 10
    Guys always tell their friends about their crushes. Has any of his friends snitched?
    Friends? He's told me.
    No. I really don't think he likes me.
    I see them fidgety around me but he always shushes them.
  • 11
    I almost forgot! Do you flirt with him?
    No. Gross.
    Uh. Let's change the subject!
    I can't help myself! He's just so cute and- yeah I do.
    A little.
  • 12
    Is he single? Has he had a girlfriend?
    He has like 3 girls at the same time!
    Taken. And he's had a girlfriend(s)
    Single. No past girlfriends.
    Yes(: and yes:(
    He is with his very first girlfriend right now.
  • 13
    Do your friends think he likes you?
    The teasing never stops.
    No. They actually think he hates me.
    But they don't even like him.
    Maybe. Just a little.
  • 14
    How ling have you known him?
    I just met him within this past year.
    All my life.
    4-5 years.
    3-1 year(s)
  • 15
    How would you currently describe your relationship?
    We are like a step away from confessing our love.
    Sweet and innocent.
    Not the best...

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Weird Tomboy With Questions ( 63031 )
Posted 39 days ago
I have known him since I moved onto a new street aka, since we were toddlers! Him, me, his brother and my brother usually hang out together and sometimes film stuff. Only, problem... he's two years younger than me! Not like I care or anything, just saying. A couple of times, his younger brother (since he's younger than all of us) says for me and my guy friend are his 'mom' and 'dad'. We both pretend to freak out and say 'no no no no!' Another time I was upset that my video camera stopped working and he said somthing sweet and held up my face. What? I don't remember!!! GAHHHH!!! And at the fair (we all went) I offered him a sip of my drink AND HE FRICKN DRANK IT. Lately, it seems we've been closer and when ever one of my friends drags me away to talk or somthing, he seems kind of upset..... and recently I've starred liking him. I'm not sure if it's just hormones or somthing, idk. PLZ HELP PEOPLE!!!!!!
Confused ( 46712 )
Posted 293 days ago
My best friend (who's a guy) and I are like siblings. We have said that we love each other more than 3 times at least. We send hearts to each other every once in a while. Everyone in school teases us about likin each other. But we don't. We started a little prank that him and I are together. But it's going to be for 5 MONTHS! Idk what to think of this. Help?
❤️ ( 32448 )
Posted 393 days ago
I have a huge crush on my best guy friend. He is totally clueless what do I do. I think he likes me. I might write him a note.
bianca ( 18009 )
Posted 689 days ago
please help i really like my bff