English Level Test

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Please select the correct answer or statement

  • 1
    What does the boy do?
    His a student
    He's a student
    He's student
    It's a student
  • 2
    Which statement is correct?
    That boy are my friends
    Those boys are my friends
    This boys is my friend
    These boy is my friend
  • 3
    Where ________________ on Saturdays?
    Do Peter's go
    Does Peter go
    Does go Peter
    Do Peter go
  • 4
    I feel very well because I went to bed very early ______.
    Very last
    Every night
    Last night
    Night last
  • 5
    Paula ________________ to play football tomorrow.
    Is going
  • 6
    When she got to school, she ________________ the bell.
    Will hear
  • 7
    Her father was ________________ all week
    On the home
    At home
    At the home
    In the home
  • 8
    This is __________________ that.
    The same as
    Different that
    To similar
    As same
  • 9
    How’s your mother?
    It's very well
    She very well
    She's very well
    Her very well
  • 10
    We _________________ my aunt since last summer.
    Haven't seen
    Don't see
    Has not seen
    Did not see
  • 11
    Your dirty shoes shouldn’t be in the house! ___________ .
    Bring it out!
    Take them out!
    Bring it in!
    Take it out!
  • 12
    He’s a good pianist, but he sings________.
    Too hardly
    Hardly good
    Much better
  • 13
    Your family _________
    Has arrived since 2 days
    Arrived ago 2 days
    Arrived yesterday
    Has arrived 2 days
  • 14
    I’ll call you as soon as I ____________ there.
    Will have got
    Will have get
  • 15
    I’ll have to buy ______________ pants.
    Pair of
    A pair of

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