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Challenge yourself! Best Desperate housewives quiz!

  • 1
    How much money does Gabby get after Victor dies?
    $2.3 million
    $1.8 million
  • 2
    How did Gabby lose her baby?
    Fell down the stairs running away from an intruder
    She got drunk and lost it
    She was attacked by an intruder
    Carlos told her to get an abortion
  • 3
    When Lynnette follows Tom to Atlantic City what does she find out (eventually)?
    He has a daughter with another woman
    He has a serious gambling problem
    He's having an affair
    He has a second family there
  • 4
    How does Kayla end up in Tom & Lynette's care?
    Nora hitch-hiked with a truck driver and was murdered
    Nora is shot in the supermarket
    Lynette kills Nora and no one finds out
    She dies in the tornado
  • 5
    Who was Monique?
    Gabrielle & Carlos' maid, surrogate mother to their unborn child
    Rex's hooker
    Mike's junkie ex-girlfriend & Zach's mother, Killed by Mary Alice-Young
    Lynnette's mother
    Orson's lover (before Bree), killed by his mother
  • 6
    Who's the father of Danielle's baby?
    Edie's nephew, Austin
  • 7
    What does the note Rex writes to Bree as he's dying say?
    "Bree, I understand and I forgive you"
    "Bree, I'll always love you"
    "I'm going to get you back, Bree"
    "I have another daughter named Kayla"
  • 8
    What does Andrew do to ultimately get back at Bree?
    Kills Danielle
    Sleeps with Danielle
    Kills her boyfriend
    Sleeps with her boyfriend
  • 9
    Who's husband does Gabrielle kiss resulting in one angry housewife?
    Bree's husband, Rex
    Edie's husband, Dave
    Lynette's husband, Tom
    Susan's husband, Mike
  • 10
    How many gays does Carlos inadvertently bash?
  • 11
    Who cheats on Edie with Susan?
  • 12
    Who saves Lynnette's kids when the tornado hits?
    Mrs. Maclusky
    Martha Huber
    Paul Young
    Ida Greenberg
  • 13
    Who comes back a little bit older to try and woo Gabby with expensive gifts?
    Paul Young
    Preston Scavo
    Zach Young
    Porter Scavo
  • 14
    What does Preston do for Porter in season 5?
    Appear in court as Porter so Porter can flee
    Take the blame for a crime
    Ask a girl out for him
  • 15
    What happened to the REAL Dylan?
    She was hit by a car
    Katherine accidentally killed her
    She died in her sleep when she was crushed by a shelf
    She was murdered by her father
  • 16
    What college does Julie get accepted to?
  • 17
    Which housewives has Carl 'gotten with'?
    Susan, Edie & Bree
    Just Susan
    Susan, Gabby & Lynnette
    Susan & Edie
  • 18
    Where is the toy chest with Deirdre's body buried before Paul Young moves it?
    In a park
    Under Susan's house
    Under the house
    Under the swimming pool
  • 19
    Which Wisteria Lane women has Mike been with?
    Susan, Edie, Katherine
    Mary Alice-Young & Susan
    Susan & Katherine
    Just Susan
  • 20
    What does Susan do at dinner to escape Mikes mum?
    Pretends her water broke
    Fakes a heart-attack
    Sneaks out the bathroom window
    Fakes a stomach ache

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