Does he secretly like you?

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One minute he leads you on and the next, he ignores you... So irritating! Take this test and find out if he's really worth it!

  • 1
    All of your pals are having a game of badminton, and you walk in late. You haven't seen each other for a long time. What is his reaction when he sees you?
    He laughs himself stupid
    He says,"Ha! Talk of the devil!" but then smiles
    He seems to get a static shock
    He says hi, compliments you and starts some light- hearted flirting
    He says, "you're late, get out of here!"
  • 2
    You're walking from below his balcony. When he sees you from up there, he....
    Teases you and then pretends to hide
    Tries to throw a pot plant at you and calls you mean names
    Says hi
    Whistles at you
    Doesn't give a d**n
  • 3
    You're hanging out at Mac D's with your girlfriends, and he walks in with his pals. When he catches sight of you, he....
    Smiles and says hi...... that's it
    Winks, grins and stares at you quite often, even if he has to turn around
    Makes sure he and his pals sit as far away from you as possible
    Announces that he needs the loo but doesn't turn up
    Sits at a table close to you and facing you and tries to catch your eye
  • 4
    When he wants to compliment the way you look, what does he say?
    He says, "Your earrings look like bird s***"
    He says, "Nice skirt" and then stays away from you
    He just gives you an appreciative smile
    He says, "You look great today." and blushes
    He goes down on his knees and convinces you of his undying love
  • 5
    You and your best friend are walking home from school together. He's across the road. How does he try to get your attention?
    He smiles at you if he notices you looking at him
    He doesn't bother
    He cheers and when you look at him, he winks
    He comes running from across the road and hugs you
    He wolf whistles at you and embarrasses you in front of the whole street
  • 6
    He sees you with your arch - rival. Whom does he give his attention?
    He's trying to be naughty with her behind your back
    You don't exist, dear
    To you and to you and to you and only to you
    Pretends to give it to her, but stares/ winks at you when she isn't looking
    Equally to both of you
  • 7
    Does his behavior towards you change when the two of you are alone?
    He takes care he's never alone with you
    YES he's so sweet and cute with you when you're alone
    He's pretty much the same
    He looks at you like you're some hairy bug if you smile at him
    He talks and shares his experiences with you and smiles often
  • 8
    All your friends as well as his are laughing together. Then all of a sudden he insults (could be anything) you so badly, that you run away. Next time you see him, what does he say?
    He doesn't say anything but his behavior says he's sorry
    He gives you a 'sorry card' and sincerely wants to make up for it
    He just says sorry and acts like it never happened
    He says sorry and tries his best to cheer you up
    He insults you the same way, over & over again
  • 9
    You meet him on the street. He tags along with you and talks about...
    Whether it's possible to spend some time hanging out this weekend!
    His plans for his career
    How much he's enjoying right now
    The weather
    How late he is for meeting his girlfriend
  • 10
    When you say something, and accidentally embarrass yourself, what is his reaction?
    He covers up for you
    He Smiles, surprised, but doesn't pay attention
    He laughs and changes the subject
    He looks at you like you're a bit unhinged
    He teases you again and again about it till it gets to you
  • 11
    Your group of friends has a row with you. It's actually your mistake, and you have apologized, but your apology isn't welcome. He steps in and...
    Says that you should just start the next match
    Asks what's going on
    Smiles when you apologize and requests your friends to accept
    Sides with you and tries to protect you
    Convinces everyone that you're no use and you deserve to be left alone
  • 12
    How does he physically touch you?
    He doesn't touch, but he's sweet to me, overall
    Occasionally pats your shoulder
    Grabs your arm and pulls you away, when he's in the mood
    He hits me on the head
    Touches your hand sometimes
  • 13
    Does he think you're athletic and smart, too?
    Not sure
    YES, he tells me about it all the time
    He doesn't know you exist
    Maybe, he hints at it sometimes
    He totally ignores you
  • 14
    Girls, PLEASE answer these last questions 2 honestly... Do you feel, somewhere inside that he likes you?
    He hates me
    Maybe. not sure.
    Yes, I do sometimes
    I wish.
    OH, YEAH!
  • 15
    Do you feel that if you get into a relationship with him, it will work out?
    No chance.
    I'm SURE it will!: D
    Yeah, I think so
    I'll never get into a relationship with him
    I don't know, it's hard to say...

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