The crush quiz

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Are you wondering whether or not he likes you? Are you a 8-14 year old girl and want to know if he likes you for real? Even if you don’t like him? Take this quiz made for you by someone like you, and find out.

  • 1
    Does it seem like he tries to get close to you often?
    Yeah, all the time. It’s kind of weird.
    A little.
    No, actually he tries to avoid me.
  • 2
    Does he ever tease you playfully? Like throwing things at you or trying to “hurt” you?
    Yeah, a lot and then he laughes+blushes
    No he doesn’t pay attention to me
    A little but he laughs rudely like he was trying to hurt me
  • 3
    Do you know any of his friends? Do they like you?
    I know 1 or 2 of his friends, but they hate me.
    I don’t know any of his friends
    I know most of his friends, and a few of them like me.
  • 4
    Does he talk to you? Does it seem like he wants to talk to you?
    He talks to me all the time.
    He never talks to me unless it’s for school, even then he doesn’t seem like he wants to.
    He only talks a bit. I can’t tell if he wants to talk to me or not.
  • 5
    How did you two meet?
    My friends introduced us
    We meet through friends and school
    We barely know each other
  • 6
    Does he stare at you often? Does he look away quickly when you catch him?
    Yeah he stares at me all the time and then he looks at his feet when I catch him
    He never looks or pays any attention to me.
    He rarely looks at me.
  • 7
    Have you ever been in any after school activities together?
    Yes a lot, it seems like he joined a few just to be near me.
    Never. We don’t like the same things
    Only one but he didn’t pay very much attention to me.
  • 8
    Does he talk to a lot of other girls? Any of your friends?
    He only talks to a few other girls who are really good friends
    He talks to some of my friends and he is a little flirty
    He doesn’t know any of my friends, he barely knows we exist.
  • 9
    Have you seen him talking to his friends and looking at you?
    Never, I told you they don’t know we exist
    Yeah some, then he just looks the other way
    Just 1 or 2 times
  • 10
    If you asked him to be your boyfriend what would he say?
    He would fake puke and then say “why would I be your boyfriend?”
    He would say yes, and then go tell his friends, but come back
    He would say he has to think about it
  • 11
    Does he ever ask you about joining say a club over and over even though you said “no”?
    Never. He doesn’t know I exist
    Once or twice he has, but I don’t think he meant anything of it
    Yes almost every time he is in a club
  • 12
    Do you think he likes you? Has he showed any other signs of liking you?
    Does he like me? I am taking this quiz to find out, because I like him.
    Yes I have been told he kind of likes me, I just want to know for sure
    I am not sure, that’s why I am taking this quiz

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