Does He like You?

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So, you're in love with this guy, and it's been a long time since you've crushed on him, do you think that he's crushing on you back?

  • 1
    How old is he?
    High School years
    Collage years
    Elementary years
  • 2
    How old are you?
    Elementary years
    Collage years
    High School years
  • 3
    How often does he look at you?
  • 4
    How does he look at you?
    He checks me out and then he looks at me into my eyes
    The normal way
    He starts to look at me, like for a long second, then, when I turn around to look at him, he just looks away
  • 5
    Does he ever talk to you?
    He's always talking to me
    NEVER, I think he thinks I`m a freak
    No, I think that he's shy
  • 6
    Let's just say that someone tripped you and then, he/she started beating the s**t out of you and your crush was right there, would he help you and try to stop him/her from beating you up?
    He'd get in there and help me out
    No, he would never, I think he hates me
    Yea, he would, but I think he'd kind of be to shy.
  • 7
    Has he ever tried to kiss you?
    No, he'd just think that that'd be gross
    What are you talking about, he did kiss me!
    Yes, he tried, but, then, he turned away
  • 8
    Has he ever tried to hold your hand?
    No, I think that he'd think that I had the flu or something
    Yes, he tried to, but, he moved it away
    What are you saying, he held it all right, nice and tight
  • 9
    So, you're about to ask him out and you tell your friends, but, one of your friends miss understood and went up to him and asked him out for you. He said no. So, you have this certain class with him (If you didn't, just pretend you did) did he cry (or would cry) just because he rejected you?
    Yes, he did, and to stop the redness from his eyes he turned his eyes o ff of me and started talking to a friend of his.
    Yes, I think he did, well, I saw his eyes red.
    No, he didn't, he doesn't care
  • 10
    Do you have this gut feeling in your stomach that he's lying to his friends about not liking you that way?
    No, I know it for sure that he doesn't like me!
    Yes, I think so!
    Yes, he lies about it a lot, his friends even don't know that he's lying!
  • 11
    Does he say something like
    ``Oh, I don't want to go out with her, she's ugly!``
    Then, looks back at you with a sad face, kind of wishing he didn't say that?
    Nope, never!
    I saw him once or twice, but I can't remember!
    Yes, I saw him many times doing that!
  • 12
    What did he do that was nice?
    He brought me back to my house when I was VARY sick
    He either picked up my books for me, brought up my work to another classroom because I was sick, Or, he traded places with me; he decided to be goalie and me being outfield for soccer in gym!
    Pick m gum off the floor for me! =`(
  • 13
    Be HONEST: do You think he likes you?
  • 14
    Be HONEST: Do you like him?
    Of course, duh, ... Why did I take this quiz again?

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