Are you a patriot or a loyalist?

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We all know about the American Revolution. Everyone wants to be on the winning side, right? But if you were to choose which side you were on according to beliefs, which one would you be? Take this quiz to find out.

  • 1
    If a soldier came up to you and asked if you would join the army to fight Britain, what would you do?
    Agree to fight for your independence
    Say that you will think about it, but never get the time to actually choose
    Yell "NO" and slam the door in his face
  • 2
    If you found a spy for the Americans and he was getting caught by the British, what would you do?
    Grab your gun and fight off the British so the spy can run for it
    Help the British grab him and take him into custody to reveal the Americans' secrets
    Try to compromise between the British and the spy
  • 3
    An American officer is coming to your town and having tea with your aunt. He is coming to give news of the battle plans. You decide to...
    Attend the meeting, but swear to keep it a secret until the battle is over.
    Don't even attend. If you go, it would be rude to the British, your home country. But then again, if you don't go it will be rude to the country where you live now...
    Listen in so that you can report to the British and tell them every bit of information. Maybe you will be rewarded.
  • 4
    Cornwallis came to your house to ask for your weapons. They need all the weapons they can get! You decide to...
    Calmly give them one of your guns and go on with your life, but you keep the rest of your weapons.
    Give away all your weapons. By all means, take the kitchen knives, too!
    Lock your doors and hide all your weapons. You would only give your weapons to George Washington!
  • 5
    A couple of kids are fighting outside. One of them is a loyalist and one is a patriot. The British Generals are drawing near, and they would certainly help the loyalist child win the fight. You decide to...
    Calmly watch the British come near, The loyalist kid was going to win the fight anyways.
    Go help the patriot kid! He looks a little bit weaker and could use some help.
    Tell the British that you can handle it and pull the kids apart. Scold them and make them apologize.
  • 6
    You meet a British General. He tells you all about the battles and teases George Washington a bit, too. You decide to...
    Laugh along with the general. It would be better not to have him as your enemy.
    Don't laugh, but don't fight him. You don't really like either general.
    Tell him that George Washington deserves some respect. Get up and leave. You can't stand this guy.
  • 7
    The battle at Charleston doesn't end so well. The Americans surrender and many of them are taken prisoner. You...
    You are so happy that you invite the British General over for a game of cards.
    Put together a battle plan with General Washington to get the prisoners back.
    Feel bad for the Americans, but feel that the loyalists should be proud.
  • 8
    You go for a walk in the woods. You find a wounded man who is obviously a British soldier. You...
    Pull him up and run to the nearest British camp. This poor man is hurt!
    Take him to your house and clean his wounds. Send him back to the woods as soon as possible to avoid treason to the colonies.
    Grab him and take him to George Washington. If he gives you some British information, maybe you will help him.
  • 9
    You find a group of Hessians guarding the British Camp. Obviously, the General isn't there. They haven't seen you yet, so you...
    Tell them to keep up the good work and offer to help them guard it.
    Walk slowly back to your house. Besides, it's cold and there is no need to tell anyone!
    Run back to Washington and tell him. No general means easy victory.
  • 10
    Your friend is sewing uniforms and making gunpowder for the British. He invites you to help him. You...
    Say no. Why should you help them when they have done nothing for you?
    Join him! The British haven't done so well lately, they need a boost.
    Agree to go, but don't do the sewing or make gunpowder. You are there for moral support.

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