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For all the hp fans who deserve to know their true patronus!

  • 1
    Do you fear death?
    No, i have accepted the inevitability of death and know fear will get me nowhere.
    No, it is the next great adventure.
    I fear the uncertainty of what comes after.
    Yes! I have convinced myself it won't happen.
    Yes, I just want to live and be happy!
  • 2
    After the entire Harry Potter series, who is your favorite character?
    Sirius black
    Harry potter
  • 3
    How do you view muggles?
    As equals. they are just other human beings who were born a little different than me
    They should all die! they're pointless
    I'm indifferent. I am a witch/wizard so it doesn't really concern me and just sucks for them
    I'm obviously superior, but as long as they know their place, it's fine
    They are unfortunate, and we should use our power to assist them
  • 4
    Your friends constantly gossip. they start discussing how fat a girl who walked by was. What do you do?
    Notice how huge the person is and are in shock with your friends and poke fun at her.
    Tell your friends that they should be more mature and that the girl is probably happy, at least she eats what she wants.
    Think wow she's huge and ugly! how the heck can someone let themselves be that unattractive. i don't get fat people.
    Tell your friends to shut up and that they don't know what her condition is. image is just a mask and quantity of body weight doesn't correlate with quality of the person.
    Feel bad because it seems unhealthy, but you still laugh along with your friends
  • 5
    If you could have one magical item, what would it be?
    The Elder Wand
    Invisibility cloak
    Sorcerers stone
    A spell book
  • 6
    You have free time on a Saturday, how do you spend it?
    Playing quidditch, solving mysteries, sneaking around, hunting down a few horcruxes, the usual adventure
    Playing a game of wizards chess, eating sweets and relaxing and laughing in the common room with friends
    Studying and preparing for classes
    Messing with magic and fighting with and dueling with people
    Causing havoc with peeves and playing practical jokes and teasing the younger students
  • 7
    Your O.W.L.s start tomorrow, you
    Oh no! I've been busy with world issues, cramming time!
    Laugh it off, if you don't know it by now, it's to late anyway. grades aren't everything
    Have studied constantly and feel thoroughly prepared
    Will have a teacher you suck up to or your father's money get you a good grade
    Are screwed and spend your time planning ways to cheat
  • 8
    Your best friend comes out that he/she is gay, everyone is talking about it and making a big deal, you
    Join the gossip. wow! you can't believe it and no longer consider that person your friend
    Feel awkward and avoid your friend while going along with the gossip
    Critique everyone for being so judgmental. yes, your friend is gay, but he/she is still the same person they've always been and your best friend.
    Feel separate from the situation, act above it, and tell people that it's got nothing to do with you so to leave you alone
    See your friend and awkwardly confront them but decide that, although things are going to be a little different, you can still be friends
  • 9
    What do you value most in others?
  • 10
    If you could bring your favorite character that died back (your choice: Dumbledore, Sirius, James, Lilly, Lupin, Tonks, Voldemort, Cedric, Snape, Fred, etc) for other lives, what would you be willing to do?
    I would be selfless and take my own life for the other to return.
    Kill as many muggles as necessary for my favorite person. I'd be willing to join the death eaters.
    Have one person die that you've never met (hopefully someone really old who's going to die anyway)
    Kill nobody! I love and miss my character, but death is part of life, and taking of another life for such selfish reasons can't be justified.
    Have an earthquake or tsunami kill a bunch of people in a country far away.

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