Harry Potter House Test!

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For all the hp fans who want to know their Hogwarts house.

  • 1
    If you saw someone being made fun of by your friends what would you do?
    Try to stop your friends from making fun of the kid and start hanging out with the kid to make him feel better.
    Tell them that they are not your friends if they keep on making fun of the kid.
    Try to distract them from the kid so they will stop making fun of the kid.
    Join your friends and make fun of the kid.
  • 2
    It is the last test for this subject and if you don't past this test you will be held back in this subject. You forgot to study what do you do?
    Fake sick before the test and hopefully the teacher will fall for it.
    Try your best even if your friend offers for you to copy off them you won't.
    Hide the notes in your desk. You won't copy a friend, but you will cheat.
    Copy off of someone.
  • 3
    If someone who you really don't like punches you and wants you to fight back what would you do?
    Try to become friends with him so it doesn't get worse.
    Fight back. Now you can get payback on him.
    I would stand there and let him punch me. It doesn't hurt.
    Try to trick him and once he is distracted you run!
  • 4
    There is a girl you like, but your friends always make fun of her because she is ugly or weird. What do you do?
    Make fun of the girls your friends like. See how they like it.
    Make fun of the girl with your friends.
    Tell your friends you like her and to stop making fun of her.
    Tell your friends you like the girl and try to make your friends be friends with the girl.
  • 5
    If you are friends with someone and you find out he/she is gay what would you do.
    Stay away from them. They scare you now.
    God made them gay so there is nothing wrong with them.
    Even if your friends or anyone else is mean to them still be friends with them.
  • 6
    If someone made fun of you. What would you do?
    Walk up to the person and tell them to stop making fun of you.
    Attack them or destroy their house.
    Find something about them and tell everyone.
  • 7
    If someone had you held hostage. What would you do?
    Try to trick the person by hiding your phone in your shoe so they won't find it and then once they are gone call the police.
    Stay were you are. You don't want to get hurt.
    Try to make peace with the person.
    Try to fight the person.
  • 8
    If you saw someone about to jump out of a window at a restaurant right next to your table. What would you do?
    Dive and try to get them away from the window.
    Sit there. Hope that someone will try to get the person down.
    Talk to the person long enough for the police to come and set a net under the window.
    Try to convince the person to get away from the window and become friends with the person.
  • 9
    If you get food at a restaurant and find out you don't have enough money to pay for it you would...
    Try to run for it.
    Try to trick the waiter into thinking you have enough money.
    Tell the person at the front desk right away and work off the money.
    Tell the waiter in a nice way and say you will work off twice the amount of money you were suppose to pay.
  • 10
    If you find a lost dog, cat, turtle, etc. You would...
    None stop put up signs, look for the person, and take care of the animal.
    Leave the pet on the streets.
    Throw away the tags and keep the animal as your own.
    Take the pet and put up signs saying you found them.
  • 11
    If you saw a homeless guy on the streets you would...
    Give him money and keep him company by sitting and talking to him.
    Walk by him without looking at him.
    Buy food for him so he won't waste the money on something stupid if you just gave him money.
    Take him into your home for a day.
  • 12
    What would you want?
    All that matters to me is my knowledge.
    To go on adventures. Take on any challenge that comes my way.
    I only care about having friends.
    For everyone to love me.

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gabrielle .w ( 10.55 )
Posted 205 days ago
nothing to do with harry potter but good for figuring yourself out qize