Zombie Apocalypse

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See if you can answer these questions correctly! Choose wisely, and make sure you have played any type of zombie game before in your life!

  • 1
    You wake up one morning,....and you see that you're the only human being on Earth! You hear sirens go off, so what is the first thing you do? (You're in a hotel)
    Kill yourself
    Kick the door and start exploring
    Jump out the window
    Call the ambulance or police
    Stay in your room and check for any supplies
  • 2
    Suddenly you hear a scream outside the hotel front door! What do you do?
    Stay put until the screaming stops
    Open the door slowly and examine what is going on
    (If you have a melée weapon) Break the door down so the screaming figure might stop
    Drink some water
    Take a nap
  • 3
    You soon find out that the screaming figure was a zombie! What do you do?
    Kung Fu!
    Stand there and pretend you're not there
    Shoot it in the head to get a hang of what it feels like
    Smash its brain with an axe
  • 4
    Soon you approach more survivors. One of them
    was nice, and all the others were mean. What do you do?
    Tell them that you will end them if they don't stop
    Ignore them
    Stand there
    Be nice to them and give them some of your supplies
    Kill them
  • 5
    You and your team end up with a car. What do you do?
    Smash the windows for dear life and get the heck out of there
    Try to find another car
    Do nothing
    Leave it alone...It might sound an alarm
    Kill your team except for the nice one
  • 6
    Later that day, you and your team spot something unusual: A small zombie with a hunchback! Then it soon jumped on your head and started moving you away from your friends...
    Throw your gun to a particular friend...(Hint: Nice)
    Give up completely...."Goodbye, honey..."
    Try to move
    Try to hit the weird zombie
    Scream your head off
  • 7
    You black out.....And wake up in a helicopter. . . . With your friends...and a pilot who is not infected. Then you decide
    to look outside and see millions of
    zombies running around. What do you do?
    Kill the pilot
    Do nothing
    Jump out of the helicopter
    Start shooting the heaven out to them
    Leave them be
  • 8
    It's midnight. You're still safe in the helicopter,
    but it's raining hard outside, and lightning accidentally strikes your helicopter! All your friends get shocked and fall down in the water. Your pilot...Dead! What do you do?
    Try not to panic...Grab your supplies and jump for mercy
    Calm down...grab your water bottle and jump
    Drive the helicopter
    Cry like a baby
  • 9
    You wake up again...in the middle of zombies. You're by yourself on a sidewalk with your water and a first aid kit and your gun and your melée weapon....lucky. What do you do?
    Start finishing the zombies
    Kill the zombies one by one
    Cry about your friends
    Heal yourself
    Do nothing
  • 10
    Finally you, and only you, make it to Germany. Then
    you finally see people. What do you do now?
    See if there are any more zombies around just in case
    Find a new home or call 911
    Smile to yourself
    Stare at people
    Walk and shop

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