Would you make a good wife?

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There are too many who ask "Would you be a good girlfriend" We mustn't forget wife! If you ever intend to find your prince charming or simply get married, you should know what to expect of your marriage life, and even what type of guy to marry. Enjoy!

  • 1
    Do you cook?
    Yes, I can do rice, chicken curry, lots of fancy international stuff: D
    Yes, I can do normal stuff, like a pie or soup, maybe a cake
    No, I can't cook, nothing past popcorn anyway
    Yes, I get by, but I can't do anything from scratch, only cans, frozen, etc
  • 2
    What kind of job do you do (or would you like to do when married)?
    Oh, a normal job, probably full-time (secretary, waitress, manager, etc)
    I wouldn't want to work anymore after I'm married. Unless do something from home (writing, selling cakes, gardening, etc)
    Oh, a business/career woman! (anywhere with an office, working full-time AND overtime)
    Maybe only a part-time job of something rewarding (photography, freelancing anything, etc)
  • 3
    Can you clean and keep house? How is your living area?
    I clean when I need too, but otherwise I like it the way it is--and organized mess. But not dirty, no.
    Oh yes, I can! In general my living space is clean and neat.
    Well, I can, but it's not as organized as it could be. I couldn't live in a museum anyway.
    No way, my place is a pig pen, (in the best sense!) Wait, what's this gray fuzzy plate thing under the desk? ....
  • 4
    How well did you (or do you) get along with parents? Dad especially?
    No, they pretty much dislike me know, mostly my dad, and I shun both of them
    Oh alright I guess, I don't hate them, and they don't hate me, so. I get along better with my mom.
    Oh we got on well, we had our rough times, of course, but I was always daddy's little girl.
  • 5
    Do you like kids? Babies? Do you you want your own children?
    Yes, I love kids, and babies too, but I'm open, if he wants them then I do, if he doesn't then I don't.
    I love all kids! I would like to have them, do I hope my husband does too
    Uh, kids aren't my thing, they're kind of annoying, but babies are always cute to look at. I don't think I want kids
  • 6
    Do you you intent to keep lots of pets?
    No way, I hate animals/am allergic to them. NO thank you!
    Well, I'm flexible. I wouldn't mind a few cats or dogs if he want them. But I love animals
    OMG yes I will keep all my cats/dogs/other animals. I couldn't live without them!
  • 7
    Let's say you and your friend made plans to meet at the movie theater at 6 pm. It is to be only you and your friend. After waiting for 30 min. it is now 6:30 and she calls to say she is sorry, but she's going on a date with two guys and can't make it. You're furious. You:
    Have a huge fight on the phone the next day, and stop being friends. Say many hurtful things to each other. --The Explosion Bomb
    Hold it in, don't say anything, but continue to hold a grudge for a long time, and never say anything. Become cold and distant yourself from her. --The Everlasting Grudge
    Say a few sharp words, fuss about it all night, and have it all out to her on the phone the next day, them make up, and continue to be good friends.--Fight, Forgive and Forget.
  • 8
    Let's say you have a brother two years younger then you. You two get along well. He comes home from school with a heartbroken look on his face. He goes face down on the couch and stays like that for at least 10 min. without moving. Something is not right. You:
    Do your best to draw him out, but he refuses to communicate, and so you give up and do something else and forget about him.
    Ignore him altogether, and decide that if he has a problem he'll come to you, which in the end he never does, and you forget about the matter entirely.
    Come sit by him and ask him what's wrong. As he doesn't answer, you stay a while, bring his favorite drink and he slowly starts telling you about what happened, and you sympathise the best you can.
  • 9
    How open-minded and flexible are you?
    Well, If I don't like something, or I don't want to do something, then there's no changing me.
    Well, I like everything anyway, and I have not many fixed opinions. I'm very easy-going
    I have my opinions of course, but if someone doesn't agree or doesn't want to do I compromise, saying that they can keep their opinions and I'll keep mine.
  • 10
    What are your hobbies?
    Oh, normal stuff: knitting, sewing, scrapbooks, cooking, etc --old fashion indoor stuff
    Well, I like watching tv! Does playing games on the computer count? --stuff that doesn't require energy
    Well, I like photography, writing, gardening, painting, drawing, etc --creative stuff
  • 11
    Pick one
    Small Apartment in City Center with high class stuff all around
    Medium house in quiet neighborhood with garden
    Huge house in Beverly Hills with celebrities on either side
  • 12
    Last of all, what is your favorite color? (Do not underestimate this question, a smart person can tell your whole personality by your favorite color)
    Pink, white
    Yellow, Orange
    Blue, Purple, Black
    Red colors

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