Is There A Ghost In Your House?

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Do you feel as if there is a spirit in your house? Fill out this simple test and find out instantly!

  • 1
    Do you feel unexplained cold or hot spots in your house?
    Sometimes, but it was just a draft or something.
    Yes, one second they're there, next second they're gone!
  • 2
    Has something ever turned on/off without reason? (E.g. A toy turns on by itself)
    Yes, that has happened!
    Nope, that never happened.
    It happened once or so, but it was just a coincidence.
  • 3
    Have any objects ever moved without explanation?
    Objects move, but not without an explanation.
    That never happened.
    Yes, we don't see them in action but they move.
  • 4
    Have you ever seen fog take shape or seen an outline of a person? Or have you seen orbs of light inside pictures?
    Now that you mention it, yes...
    Yea, but it was my eyes playing tricks or something.
    Nope, and nope.
  • 5
    Have you ever heard strange sounds or have you recorded any?
    No, that sounds scary!
    It was just a family member making noise...
    Yes, and they are very unusual sounds...
  • 6
    Is your house old, did somebody ever die in your house, do you live near a graveyard, or has someone you were close to recently died?
    Nope, none of those.
    Uh... I don't think so....
    Yes (to at least one of the above.)
  • 7
    Have you ever felt a kind of "presence" in a certain room or have you ever felt something touch you?
    No, thank goodness none of that has happened to me!
    Yes (to at least 1 of them).
    Not really.
  • 8
    Do your pets/other family members act weird around certain parts of the house?
    Why should I know?
    Yep, they have acted strange...
    No, I haven't noticed anything.
  • 9
    Do you have any explanations for any phenomenon (odd occurrences)?
    Yes, everything can be explained.
    I've never experienced a phenomenon!
    No... everything is totally unexplained!
  • 10
    Do YOU believe in ghosts? (A.K.A Do you think there is a ghost in your house?)
    It depends... maybe...
    Yes, it seems like it!
    No, definitely not.

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Michaela ( 42914 )
Posted 12 days ago
One of my spirit companions is actually laughing at this quiz while I'm taking it. (Yes, I work with spirits, kind of like a Medium.)
Nameless ( 10733 )
Posted 12 days ago
Recently (4 days ago maybe) Someone, died in my neighborhood and they practice black magic. I didn't do something bad, like black magic and I believe on God too I always say god's name to have good dreams. Today my mom say that last night I am moving (not that much only my hands move a bit) and opening/blinking my eyes while sleeping like I am half sleep and half waked. But I don't remember I was half sleep and half waked , I think I am sleeping nothing else more, so it sounds scary to me like, ghost is doing something to me. I don't get more signs, only signs that I get is feeling cold and hot sometimes (but not touched)and sometimes I feel like I see shadow (not clearly, maybe! I am scared so my eyes are playing) can somebody tell me ghost is doing something......I don't want to wait more to see signs because if there is ghost he can possess me or my family member btw I am 12 and my brother is 8 so maybe! He can possess us fast.
Sunny ( 29920 )
Posted 13 days ago
One time, I saw saw a shadow of a old lady. I am thirteen years old and I only live with my parents and my brothers. A old lady doesn't live with us
Maddie ( 49548 )
Posted 26 days ago
O know please help I am a Christian so of course I believe in spirits,but just last night I went into my room and saw a figure!i was so scared I just started screaming the word of god and started praying.its the next morning now and I don't know what to do I'm almost 12 I need advice should I tell my mom?she has had a lot of loss in her family and I don't know how she will take it help me
sara ( 69419 )
Posted 33 days ago
i hear ghost sound ounce i aw a hand in front of my face then it was gone
?????? ( 77350 )
Posted 44 days ago
it was a very odd morning the lights were off i was asleep and out of nowhere somthing pulled of my blanket. I saw it face it was a plain black face. i said what is ur name it pussed me. i turned on the light i saw bloody foot marks. The black figure left a mark with blooded it said kill ur self and join me but i didnt kill me self. i yelled out NNNNOOOO it gave me a deep cut i nearly died.
Shaden Zein ( 81484 )
Posted 57 days ago
and my leg is broken so i couldn't
Shaden Zein ( 81484 )
Posted 57 days ago
my house is definitely haunted!! im home alone and im 10 years old. ill tell you about the story now: first mom said she needs to go shopping and i need to finish studying for my test so ALL my family went except for me so i stayed studying. while i was studying, i saw a SHADOW holing a knife so i shouted and it desapeared i saw the fridge openning by it self and my dolls are flying and my room was soooo cold and the ac is OFF and the kitchens door was openning and closing and this is all real so at last i just went to my laptop and openned how to know if your house is haunted and i answered all ouestions
value ( 50023 )
Posted 88 days ago
hannah salt ( 04612 )
Posted 92 days ago
jyst a minte a go i just look next to me there was a littel boy then i lookt agen he was gone im so frekt out shhhhhhit bye im leving hose
Jade ( 74338 )
Posted 93 days ago
My friend once told me a really creepy story that is true because she wouldn't lie one night she woke
With a weird sound under her bed so she looked down and seen
A hand playing chess he move a chess piece and said "your turn" and she wasn't dreaming it was a HAND !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Warsha ( 47493 )
Posted 94 days ago
my house is haunted and my room is haunted
Niki kiki ( 90949 )
Posted 105 days ago
Like my house us REALLY old so obviously i have a ghost and I keep getting random scratches
Conway ( 86214 )
Posted 114 days ago
You are freaking me out my house is hunteted
lolololol ( 37000 )
Posted 119 days ago
ok now ur really freaking me out
Grace ( 70530 )
Posted 121 days ago
Hello my name is Grace I'm on YouTube TheMagners1234 my house could be haunted can you help
Rilee ( 16512 )
Posted 132 days ago
Ever since I was a child, I've been able to see things. Sometimes I would have night terrors and my mom said that I would just wake up scared to death. She she said that sometimes when I would walk into the room, my whole aura would change and I would look at something but she said that she couldn't see anything. I remember one time I was taking a shower and I saw a black silhouette of a man walkin past the shower curtain. When I was a freshman in high school I was laying on my bed and all of a sudden I heard a woman's voice say my name. I could physically feel her cold breath on my ear. I was sleeping in my room another night with my dog to help me fall asleep better and in the middle of the night she yelps and limps out the door and she won't go back into my room. This can't be normal. Just kind of wanted a second opinion.
Chris ( 38060 )
Posted 146 days ago
Since my favorite singer PeteBurns passed away I my phone is acting wired my phone will turn the volume up and down ye it self is that normal ?is he in my house with out knowing ?I want to know is PeteBurns in my house some where? Please let me know thanks
manjeet kaur ( 16217 )
Posted 148 days ago
Everytime problems are there from the month of February like financial and mutual understanding between me and my husband
Jammapanda ( 65781 )
Posted 149 days ago
Well, I was sleeping at night once when I woke up to a strange sound. Now my phone currently had a pattern lock on the screen, so there is no way I could've gotten into it in my sleep, plus I set it on the floor before going to sleep, screen up, like I always do. I woke up, hung my head off the edge of my bed and noticed it was screen down. No big deal. Picked it up, pressed the power button waking the phone up. My home screen wallpaper completely changed. I had never seen this picture before ever. I have terrible describing it because it was so strange. It had a red color background of red, because it was a drawing water color kind of picture, with a man with red glasses, and behind him a white looking thing. I was so scatted I just changed it back. After doing so I noticed my clocks had been set off time. One said one time and the other said another that was two hours off roughly. I turned my bedroom light on, went into my mom's room, and she just told me to go back to sleep that it was fine. I went back into my room and couldn't go back to sleep so I turned my light on and thought. Roughly two minutes later, I heard voices talking about something, and I knew it wasn't my mom. It wasn't anyone in the house, and then followed by the voices were two huge bangs. Note that this happened after hearing maniac laughing at a park where I did parkour from the sewer by it and two minutes later running for my life from a black figure. TWICE. This was also seeing a young girl standing in the bathroom while I was home alone, see her walk down the hall from my room, seeing black gases floating in the sot... Yes I have had a scary childhood, traumatized by ghosts..