Is There A Ghost In Your House?

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Do you feel as if there is a spirit in your house? Fill out this simple test and find out instantly!

  • 1
    Do you feel unexplained cold or hot spots in your house?
    Yes, one second they're there, next second they're gone!
    Sometimes, but it was just a draft or something.
  • 2
    Has something ever turned on/off without reason? (E.g. A toy turns on by itself)
    It happened once or so, but it was just a coincidence.
    Nope, that never happened.
    Yes, that has happened!
  • 3
    Have any objects ever moved without explanation?
    That never happened.
    Yes, we don't see them in action but they move.
    Objects move, but not without an explanation.
  • 4
    Have you ever seen fog take shape or seen an outline of a person? Or have you seen orbs of light inside pictures?
    Yea, but it was my eyes playing tricks or something.
    Now that you mention it, yes...
    Nope, and nope.
  • 5
    Have you ever heard strange sounds or have you recorded any?
    Yes, and they are very unusual sounds...
    No, that sounds scary!
    It was just a family member making noise...
  • 6
    Is your house old, did somebody ever die in your house, do you live near a graveyard, or has someone you were close to recently died?
    Uh... I don't think so....
    Nope, none of those.
    Yes (to at least one of the above.)
  • 7
    Have you ever felt a kind of "presence" in a certain room or have you ever felt something touch you?
    Yes (to at least 1 of them).
    No, thank goodness none of that has happened to me!
    Not really.
  • 8
    Do your pets/other family members act weird around certain parts of the house?
    Yep, they have acted strange...
    Why should I know?
    No, I haven't noticed anything.
  • 9
    Do you have any explanations for any phenomenon (odd occurrences)?
    I've never experienced a phenomenon!
    Yes, everything can be explained.
    No... everything is totally unexplained!
  • 10
    Do YOU believe in ghosts? (A.K.A Do you think there is a ghost in your house?)
    It depends... maybe...
    No, definitely not.
    Yes, it seems like it!

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Sierra johnston ( 98.67 )
Posted 4 days ago
Won time I was asleep and i here'd something stomping my parent weren't home and even if they where ther th y never wack up the middle of the night
Shane- Wailuku,Hawai'i ( 5.189 )
Posted 12 days ago
I'm Positive that the house that I'm renting is haunted. When I first started entering the home I felt a feeling of electric charge running up the back of my neck and into my hair I also had goosebumps with my hair standing up with a very odd feeling within my body itself last night I captured A picture of a girls face in the window.
Thomas ( 5.148 )
Posted 13 days ago
its not scary my ghost just sits in the corner of my room and talks to me he is all good protective but awesome
Talon ( 6.153 )
Posted 13 days ago
Ok I don't believe in ghost.but in my moms bathroom one day the lights kept turning off and on and nobody was there.but when my mom goes in there nothing happens.i lost my gramma(my moms mom) a year ago this all happend around Mother's Day so I believe my moms moms ghost is not haunting but is here.
Ellla ( 5.124 )
Posted 28 days ago
Ohhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhh what is there rrreally a ghost in my house we better go look and find out uhhhhhhhh actually maybe not thinking about I'm actually getting really freaked out
Bye loved this quiz even though freaked me out
Lise ( 0.100 )
Posted 31 days ago
I thnk that this ghost presence is really stupid...... itz jst to make us scary..... i don blve in ghost
hi ( 142.2 )
Posted 40 days ago
one day i was trying to fall asleep and then all you know it sound like someone came stomping up the stairs.But nobody was home
Adam ( 1.229 )
Posted 46 days ago
When noone else is here it sounds like some is going through the house. The lights turn on and off sometimes. There always a feeling of being watched but only in my room and the living room. One day my cup of water started wiggling back and forth. That same night i seen a man looked like he was in his twenties tall thin and dressed like you are dresses in a coffin. He pased back and forth from my room to living room. He looked lost and confused. I didnt get scared and it never feels like a bad presence. I mainly felt bad for him. I do go visit family at cemtary alot. I also put fliwers on graves that never get visited.
William Tatum ( 9.118 )
Posted 55 days ago
I often feel something touch my shirt and/or leg when I'm at my computer and it's always a mild touch; I also see things moving out of the corner of my eye while lying in bed at night. From time to time our Chihuahua will bark for brief periods at the book case in our room for no apparent reason. All these things have given me a reason to suspect an unseen presence in our home.
pooja ( 8.106 )
Posted 57 days ago
Ghost ! I don't believe at all
brielle ( 3.122 )
Posted 61 days ago
yes there are three ghost in my house its super creepy at night theres lots of noise andave a wegi board and ive talked to one
Makyla hurrilal ( 0.120 )
Posted 63 days ago
How many of you have ghost in yr house how many of you are un der 16
Laura ( 09.12 )
Posted 65 days ago
Yes i have a ghost in my house
gabriella ( 198.2 )
Posted 70 days ago
I'm so scard I am getting hanted and so sad becase three of my fammley mebers dies and there oley six left I'm sososo sad I'm even cring
braydon ( 8.127 )
Posted 70 days ago
my door keeps opening and closing and items keep disapering
Adrian robinson ( 4.219 )
Posted 72 days ago
I see them sometimes
Mia ( 8.199 )
Posted 97 days ago
I believe in ghosts cus my nan is a medium (some one who go's on ghost tours and communicates to them also she is soon moving into a verry old and ghostly house with a chapel and everything
Page ( 93.52 )
Posted 99 days ago
I think therses a ghost is in my house
Ryan ( 3.102 )
Posted 100 days ago
"I don't believe in ghosts ",
Paige turner ( 3.102 )
Posted 100 days ago
I saw a ghost under my bed oh i also saw Anabell and chuky CREAPY. Ahhhhhhhhhhj