What breed of horse are you?

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This is a quiz to tell you what breed of horse you would be (if you were one)

  • 1
    If you were a horse what color would you be?
    Black, bay, chestnut or grey
    Brown, bay or black
    Anything, I'm not fussy!
    Piebald or skewbald
  • 2
    What markings would you have?
    A blaze and stockings
    A stripe and socks
    A star
    Anything or every thing: I don't mind
  • 3
    What would your temperament be when being ridden?
    High strung and spooky
    I don't really mind what I do but I get bored easily
    Slow and hard working
    I would do anything if my rider wanted me to
    No one ever rides me! I'm totally wild!
  • 4
    What would you do if your rider whipped you for no reason?
    Ignore it and keep going
    Buck wildly until they're off
    Go crazy and gallop around
    Pick up the pace a little
    Do nothing
  • 5
    If the horse in the stall next to you whinnied to you what would your reaction be?
    Why would I be in a stall I'm wild remember?
    Neigh in response I'm not too exited
    Take it as a threat and try to bite them
    Ignore it, my neighbor is so annoying
    Whinny back excitedly
  • 6
    If you were being ridden by a beginner and a plastic bag blows in front of you as your walking around the arena what would you do?
    What's that weird thing? Food? chase after it
    Spook a bit but you're not that scared
    Keep going, you've seen it all before
    Gallop away from the scary thingy at full speed throwing the rider
    Try to buck the rider off and gallop away afterwards never to be seen again
  • 7
    What do you eat?
    Whatever, I'm not too fussed
    Anything and everything
    Oats...lots of oats!
    Grass, hay and grains
    Whatever grasses I can find
  • 8
    How are you at being caught?
    I'm free, I'll never be caught!
    Look up from your grazing briefly but stay where you are
    You're still asleep you owner practically has to drag you to your stall
    Plod forward slowly *sigh*
    Run away from your owner but give in eventually
  • 9
    How tall are you?
    Giant! over 16hh
    Under 15hh
  • 10
    How old are you? (if you were a horse)
    10-15 years
    15-20 years
    5-10 years
    20+ years
    1-5 years
  • 11
    You are being loaded into a horse trailer, you:
    Slowly plod up the ramp
    Walk on, you've been in one a million times
    Buck and rear and refuse to go on
    Gallop away into the hills
    Balk for an eternity then walk on S-L-O-W-L-Y
  • 12
    Your owner is trying to wash you down, you:
    Stand there patiently
    Have never been washed in your life! YOU GO ABSOLUTELY CRAZY
    Endure the freezing water but try to bite them a few times
    Run away.......
    Shy at the big green snake thingy
  • 13
    If you were in a herd you would be...?
    A colt
    The lead stallion
    The lead mare
    A filly
    A bachelor stallion
  • 14
    The type of riding you prefer is?
    In hand showing
    Show jumping or cross country
    Endurance work
    I don't get ridden
  • 15
    Your favorite type of horse is?
    Wild fierce horses like the Mustang
    Obedient working horses like the appaloosa or the warm blood
    Big strong horses like the shire or the Clydesdale
    Beautiful, majestic horses like the Paint or the Morgan
    Showy, flashy horses like the Thoroughbred or the Arabian

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