How well do you know the Twilight Saga books?

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This test will determine if you are a REAL Twilight saga fan.

  • 1
    In Breaking Dawn, what is the name of the island that Edward takes Bella to?
    Carlisle's Caribbean
    Emmett's Isle
    Esme's Isle
    Rosalie's Island
  • 2
    Who said this quote in New Moon... "Stop that!" he ordered. "Don't you dare give up!"
    Edward delusion
  • 3
    How many pages are in Eclipse?
  • 4
    In Twilight, who does Bella compare Esme to?
    Bell (Beauty and the Beast)
    Ashley Tisdale
    Snow White
  • 5
    What did Bella and everyone else in Forks believe the werewolf's were before Bella found out and told Charlie?
  • 6
    Who says I love you first in Twilight?
    Bella in her sleep
  • 7
    Which description of the gift the Cullen's gave Bella for her 19th birthday is correct...?
    A small cottage nestled in the backwoods of the Cullen's house
    A large grand house in Seattle
    A cabin in New Hampshire near Dartmouth
  • 8
    Who is leading the Newborn Army coming after Bella in Eclipse?
  • 9
    Who was on the other line of the phone when Jacob picked it up and answered, irritated from being interrupted from almost kissing Bella?
  • 10
    Does Stephenie Meyer name a lot of her characters from the Twilight Saga after people in her life?
    No, thought it would be rude.
    Yes, many of them are mentioned in her acknowledgments.
    A few here and there are named.
  • 11
    Is Renesmee very smart or dumb?
    She is as smart as a normal toddler should be.
    No, she is as dumb as a log.
    Yes she is smarter than most adults when she is just a toddler.
  • 12
    Is Edward as crazy about Bella as she is for him?
    No, he thinks she is okay.
    Yes, but not with as much intensity.
  • 13
    In Eclipse, who is with Victoria when she comes to find Bella during the newborn fight?
  • 14
    Where does Edward take Bella for the first time to see him in the sun?
    In the back of the school
    Bella's backyard
    Edward's special meadow
  • 15
    What is the name of Edwards real parents?
    Roger and Lanie
    Tony and Emily
    Edward and Elizabeth
  • 16
    What book is featured on the inside of the book at the end most of the time?
    Romeo and Juliet
    The Host
    Midnight Sun
  • 17
    Who is the correct group of Amazon Vampires in Breaking Dawn?
    Kachiri, Senna, Zafrina
    Makeena, Zafrina, Corin
    Amun, Kebie, Tia
  • 18
    In Twilight did Bella suspect Edward was taking her to prom?
    Kind of, she knew about the prom going on, but not that he was taking her to prom.
    No, she thought he was going to change her into a vampire.
    Yes, she knew it from the very beginning.
  • 19
    Does Bella choose Edward or Jacob at the end of Eclipse?
    Seth DUH!
    Edward DUH!
    Jacob DUH!
  • 20
    Did you cheat on this test?
    No, Edward would be disappointed if I did.
    Yes, the inner Jacob was telling me to.
    It was to hard to figure out without cheating!

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