Are you and your crush made for each other?

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Are you and your crush made for each other? (girls only) Take this quiz, and see if you have found your true love, or if it will only be a crush. Does he like you back? Remember, answer truthfully, or you will not get accurate results.

  • 1
    How often do you think of your crush?
    When ever I see him.
    Not much, but I think he's cute.
    All the time, I never stop.
    A lot, most of the time
    Some, but not enough to drive me crazy.
  • 2
    How often do you and your crush speak?
    Only for academic reasons, but enough
    A lot, we're pretty good friends.
    Never. I don't think he knows I exist
    We're best friends, and we talk every second of the day.
    Not much, when he has to sit next to me in class?
  • 3
    Why do you like him?
    He's smart
    For his personality
    He's charismatic/ a ladies man.
    All of the other answers.
    He's cute
  • 4
    How do you feel around him?
    All of the above
    You have a funny feeling like butterflies
    You want him to talk to you
    You want him to kiss you.
    You want to be in a secluded room when you can just talk alone
  • 5
    Do you dress up for him, or think about him while putting on make up?
    Yes, I put on make up for him.
    No, not really,
    I think about him all the time! How could I not?
    I dress according to his color preferences, (if you know him well)
    I don't put on make up, not even for him.
  • 6
    Do you tell you friends about him?
    All the time, my friends think I'm obsessed.
    Yes, often, and they think we look good together.
    What friends?
    No, not really
    Sometimes, but I don't say I like him.
  • 7
    If you could get the courage to ask him out, how would you?
    I wouldn't get up the courage, sorry.
    By text.
    By letter/email
    In person, I LOVE HIM!
    I don't know, probably tell my friends, and then hope they tell him.
  • 8
    How does he stand around you?
    He puts his hands in his pockets, and slouches.
    He puts and arm around my shoulder, and hugs me a lot.
    We don't stand next to each other.
    He's normal, he often looks my way though...
    He looks straight into my eyes, even if we're in a group.
  • 9
    How does he treat you?
    Very nicely, with respect and kindness.
    Normally, he is always looking at me though.
    Not special or anything.
    UGH, he's always teasing me, and poking, me! It's cute, but annoying!
    We don't talk at all, or interact.
  • 10
    How does he act with his friends when he's around you?
    Not any different.
    When they see me, they start making fun of him, or grinning at me. He blushes.
    Pretty normally, but maybe steals a glance at me once in a while.
    I don't know.
    His friends are my friends, but they're always commenting on how cute we'd be as a couple.
  • 11
    He sees you across the hall, what does he do?
    Say hi, and come to talk with me for a bit if he has time.
    He probably wouldn't even see me.
    We're never across from each other, always right next to each other. But he would probably rush over and start talking.
    I don't know, just keep walking?
    Maybe smile in my direction.
  • 12
    He sees you sitting with your girl-friends, and a table with his guy-friends. What does he do?
    Go sit down, and then invite me (only me) to come sit with him.
    Maybe look wistfully at my table before going to his.
    He wouldn't see me, and I don't have friends.
    We're always at the same table, all of our friends, and they always make sure we sit next to each other.
  • 13
    You catch him looking at you. What does he do?
    He smiles, and turns away.
    We're always sitting next to each other, and we're always staring at each other. He might smile, and wink.
    Turns his head away really fast, and pretends you didn't see that.
    Not much really, maybe smile a bit.
    He never does.
  • 14
    He sees you talking about another guy. What does he do?
    Not much. maybe look in the direction of the guy.
    Who would I be talking to?
    I never talk about other guys. I'm totally faithful.
    He looks at the guy, and give me a cute 'skeptical' look.
    He comes up and starts saying all these bad things about him.
  • 15
    He sees someone teasing you, what does he do?
    Comes up to me and starts yelling back insults.
    Nothing, everyone teases me.
    Gives them and evil glare.
    No one teases me, because they know if they do, he'll hunt them down and kill them.
  • 16
    Do you guys work together well?
    No, not really.
    We never work together.
    Yes, we do.
    Kind of, we're good lab partners, but only in school.
    Yeah, we can practically read each others minds.
  • 17
    Who usually starts the convo?
    It's around 50/50
    There's one convo the entire day, and we both start talking at once, and never stop.
    Me. If I do.
    We don't talk, this is a stupid question.
    I don't know, usually me,
  • 18
    How do you friends feel about him?
    They're all fine, a few of them don't get along.
    We all sit together, and they are fine with him.
    I don't know, don't talk about him much.
    Neutral, they think he's cute too.
  • 19
    He needs help with something. What do you do?
    Not much, I might pass him a note with the answer.
    I offer to help.
    He asks me, and only me, and I help him, or try to figure it out with him.
    I laugh and say that I need help too, and go work with him.
  • 20
    Does he have a girlfriend?
    No, but he did a little while ago.
    Yeah, probably, but I don't know
    No, not since he met me.
    No, he's a loner kind of guy, except around me.
    Yes? But he doesn't like her.
  • 21
    What do you want the outcome of the relationship to be?
    Make out a bunch, and go out.
    Go out, and kiss a few times.
    I don't know, maybe go out?
    I don't think about it much.
    Marriage! and a few kids.

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KCS ( 19670 )
Posted 23 days ago
Okay, I like this guy named Donald. He is super sweet, kind, smart, funny, and cute. I just can't tell if he likes quiz said we are made for each other so I hope he likes me. Maybe I'll tell him tomorrow. He is perfect. #BAE❤️
CJ ( 31501 )
Posted 28 days ago
I like a guy named Zach. He's a really popular guy and he's got a girlfriend named Christine. We're good friends and we get along really well. We're both athletic and immature and we've both had our fathers leave. But he's always just thought of me as a friend. I can never get him out of my head and even when I try think of something else, my mind will find a way to go back to him. How can I get him to notice me?
jessica ( 34090 )
Posted 29 days ago
i love him so much.
Can't say ( 42419 )
Posted 51 days ago
I love a kid named Ashton and he is one year older than me but I have a crush on him and I don't know how to tell him? Please give me suggestions. I mean I get butterflies in my stomach when he is around. My main problem is he is my brother's friend.
Jen ( 09946 )
Posted 56 days ago
I love him so much. More than my own life. How did I get "neither of you like each other much" whyyyyyyyyy??!!!
Emily ( 14976 )
Posted 67 days ago
So my crush is a guy named Shawn and we went out a while ago but only for 3 days and that was right after we met so we didn't really know each others full self yet I guess but even after we broke up we still sort of had crushes on each other we even went to one dance together and we became closer and closer friends and then he went out with my best friend and we started to not be as close but we were still good friends and then I went out with his best friend for a little while and then I went through some crazy friend problems and I was being bullied by them but now everything is okay and me and his got really close again and now we talk all day long and me and him just told each other we liked each other but I don't know if it's a good idea to get back together but at the same time we treated each other well and that was before we got super close so I'm just really nervous and sorry guys I know that I probably have it the easiest but I thought I might as well share my story and guys if your scared to confess to your crush just go for it do it on a day when u feel super good about yourself and confident and go for it and if he says no then I guess he's not the one and u will find someone gen better but I mean what do I know I'm only 14 we'll best of luck
Sadie ( 11245 )
Posted 91 days ago
This boy I've liked for a long time, for about four years and during those four years, we've kinda flirted with each other, like low-key chasing each other around and staring at each other and smiling then lookin away all blushy. He has been in some pretty bad relationships where the girls just used him for his looks, then a girl killed herself over him...Ever since that I've been trying to help him, I went out with him, with intentions of fixing him, (because he's a very shy and reserved guy) but you see, I was dealing with my own problems, coping with depression, family problems, becoming addicted to self-harming, etc. and we only dated for a week, (we first started dating February 6th of 2017) then I got self-conscious because I was 170 at the age of 13 and I wasn't as skinny as the others were, so I broke it off, saying that I wasn't "emotionally unstable" and I wasn't...B I G G E S T•M I S T A K E• I've ever made...But now I'm trying to get our relationship back together, because I love him, and caused him pain..I didn't want that, but after he replies to the message (My friend is asking him out again) and this time I'm going to fix things between us :) And hopefully we'll get to know each other better and get even closer then before
@me ( 49664 )
Posted 111 days ago
I love him/her so much and I don't know what I'd do without him/her
@me ( 49664 )
Posted 111 days ago
When you are kinda gay and you have a crush on your best friend and "he" means nothing cause your best friend is non binary
Dia(Sonia) ( 87991 )
Posted 158 days ago
My crushes name is but everyone knows him by his nickname Meban I met him before two months ago n it seems like an love at first sight I'm so admired to him oh god his so adorable I really like him very much in fact I am in love with him but I don't think that he knows that n even if he knows that I'm sure that he'll pass it over like a joke oh god please help me because I like him n I love him n I want him very eagerly n blah. Blah. Blah....... I hope dat God will help me really trust me he will
Beeper ( 11837 )
Posted 166 days ago
When you a lesbian and 'he' doesn't mean anything to you...
amber ( 06566 )
Posted 168 days ago
My crushes name is Jonny he is so freaking fine, some people even say that he is the finest guy where i live. Wherever he walks people turn around and look, he's super popular and I'm not really , I'm not trying to brag but I'm not ugly I'm kinda fine too. Ive tried to text him to talk to him but it never really worked out, he has told me that i shouldn't be scared to go up to him put that doesn't make me feel any better, i stare at him all the time and I've just been waiting for him to talk to me, I'm a senior and schools about to end, now I'm wondering if i should make the move... Idk i am G💗 about to.
Kira ( 96811 )
Posted 183 days ago
Kyra.... I have the exact same problem with my other crush Kieran!
Kira ( 96811 )
Posted 183 days ago
I love my crush... his name is Bryn! but i'm never brave around him and i get butterflies in my stomach...

He's fun, super cute, smart, and he has the most adorable laugh... but i dont think he really knows i exist... BUT he did say he liked my shirt the other day so there is a plus!!!
Eliza ( 18822 )
Posted 208 days ago
His name is Braydon.
Eliza ( 18822 )
Posted 208 days ago
His name is Braydon's.
Kyra ( 96811 )
Posted 215 days ago
The guy I like has said he doesn't like me like that anymore. He says that four other girls like him. He also said one of them is his girlfriend. But he is known for trying to impress me and he is also known for stretching the truth. But he still looks at me differently.
Hannah ( 66302 )
Posted 218 days ago
I don't have a crush on a guy, you know why? CUZ IM GAY!🏳️‍🌈
immy ( 43626 )
Posted 226 days ago
omg i only took this test to see if i should ask him out and it said yes
might ask him last day of term ohhh
Sam ( 58056 )
Posted 230 days ago
His name is Bradon😘😍😳😊