Do you really like this guy?

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This little test will be if you actually like a guy or not.

  • 1
    What do you do when the guy smiles/looks at you?
    Smile/look back
    Melt inside
    Ignore him
    Tell all your friends
    Smack him
  • 2
    Your friend likes the guy you think you like, what do you do?
    Shrug, there’s plenty of other boys
    Think she’s has the worst taste in boys
    Never talk to your friend again
    Think that’s cool
  • 3
    The guy you like asks you out on a date, what do you do?
    Say you already have a date
    Say yes a million times
    Say you’ll think about it, and say yes a little later
    Say yes, but only as friends
    Say you want someone cooler to ask you out
  • 4
    The guy says he loves you, what do you do?
    Try to break his neck
    Say that's sweet, but your not interested
    Roll your eyes
  • 5
    The guy says he hates you, what do you do?
    Dance all around
    Cry for a little
    You don't care
    Fell like committing suicide
    Ask if you two still be friends
  • 6
    Your friends don't like the guy, what do you do?
    Figure out they're right
    Say he can be really sweet and try for all of you to be friends.
    Think they are the dumbest beings alive
    Totally agree with them
    Think about what they said
  • 7
    You start liking another guy, what do you do?
    Try to be friends with both guys
    Use the other guy to the first guy jealous
    Hate the other guy
    Love the other so much
    Like the other guy
  • 8
    The guy you like likes another girl, what do you do?
    Try to befriend the girl
    Really don't care
    Think the girl is the best thing that has ever happened in your life
    Try to kill the other girl
  • 9
    The guy you like is moving away, what do you do?
    Don't care
    Try to get his e-mail so you can still contact with him
    Throw a he's finally out of our lives party
    Try to get over it
    Try to move with him
  • 10
    You get a lead in the school play and you and the guy date, what do you do?
    Don't really care you guys are good friends
    Smile for a long time
    Practically die of happiness
    Try your best to get out of the role
    It's just acting