Which "Into the Woods" character are you?

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From the wonderful musical, Into the Woods.

  • 1
    First of all, think of four people (friends, preferably,). Out of these, you are the most___?
    Smart. I am very intelligent.
    Creative. I'm always thinking of new things to do, say, etc.
    Protective. Always trying to keep others from harm, even if I'm a bit pushy.
    Nice. I'm always there for someone.
    Right. I am always right, no matter what.
  • 2
    Do you have friends?
    Only my crush/girlfriend-boyfriend/husband-wife.
    If you can consider people who like you, but you don't like them, friends, then yes, I suppose I do.
    Yep. I have a couple friends.
    Mostly just animals, but I have one of two human friends.
    A few, yes.
  • 3
    You prefer to act...?
    Girly, but tough at the same time...
    Brave, even though I'm not.
    Intelligent, and like I know what I'm doing.
    Sweet and caring.
  • 4
    What would you give to be beautiful?
    Not much. Family is more important to me.
    I don't need beauty, for as long as my love loves me, I shall feel beautiful.
    Any talent I have.
    Strong people don't need beauty.
    Beauty? I'm already beautiful!
  • 5
    Do you like using/making sound effects?
    Well that was a random question!
    Yes! Squish, Boom!
    I don't think so, I've never paid much attention...
    A bit...Squish! Ding!
    If singing is a sound effect then, yes.
  • 6
    What is the one thing that you would never let be taken away?
  • 7
    You love...?
    Someone like me, who would rather have a nice family than a nice house.
    Someone who's more powerful than I am, but I don't really love them.
    Someone who needs me. They'd be so lost without me.
    No one!
    Someone who doesn't love me. Anyways, love is for the powerless!
  • 8
    When you sing, what type of songs do you like?
    Songs that really explain how I feel.
    Dark and mysterious, with lots of minor chords.
    I don't like to sing.
    Humorous songs.
  • 9
    What terrifies you?
    Princes... ugh, bad experience with them.
    Terrifies me? I do the terrifying!
    Wolves/scary animals.
    Actually, I don't get scared very often.
    Not having children.
  • 10
    You are walking down the street and see someone drop their wallet. What would you do?
    Decide to help them, if they're not too far away.
    Get an animal to bring it back to them.
    Give it back to them.
    Leave it there. That's their problem, not mine. I have better things to think about.
    Keep it!
  • 11
    Your favourite element?
  • 12
    Do you think you are nice?
    Yes, I think so.
    No... I'm just right.
    Most of the time...
    Deep down I am...
    Most certainly!
  • 13
    Last question- How was this quiz? (This does matter for your end result)
    So-so/not very good.
    It was okay. I probably could have been doing something better, but whatever, it doesn't really matter.
    It was good!
    Eh, it was okay.
    It was sweet!

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