Wolf Pack Position

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What place do you have in a Wolf Pack?

  • 1
    How would you spend an average day?
    Looking after the Pack's pups
    Curing injured wolves
    Keeping watch of the Members
    Finding food
  • 2
    Humans came into the territory, you:
    If they come too close, let them have it!
    Make sure the younger wolves are safe
    Make sure no one gets injured
    Protect the Pack, bring it on! -snarls-
  • 3
    What would you rather do?
    Scout the territory boundaries
    Play tag in the woods
    Search for powerful plants and herbs
    Wander the woods for anything that moves...
  • 4
    What's your best strength?
    Hunting, and my strength
    To lead, quick and ferocious
    Power to cure, and all-rounder
    Protecting, and fast and agile
  • 5
    You are being chased by an enormous animal, you:
    Use a powerful herb you created to make it pass out
    Attack it and drag it to the Pack for a feast
    Use agility to wind through the trees and outrun it
    Turn around and maul it to death
  • 6
    It starts to pour with rain and a storm comes, you:
    Climb a mountain and stand in the eye of the storm
    Collect the water in a bottle to make medicines
    Rain? Who cares?
    Stay in the den and snuggle with the pups
  • 7
    A rival Pack tries to take your land, you:
    Prepare the younger wolves for fighting
    Go to the Pack and challenge the Alpha
    Defend the dens and territory
    Stand your ground and use threatening gestures
  • 8
    What's your reason for venturing into another Pack's territory?
    They had abundant healing herbs in their area
    I wanted a meeting with the Pack's Alpha
    We had shortage of prey
    I played tag with the pups and accidentally went too far
  • 9
    What's your temperament like?
    Fierce and Providing
    Caring and Kind
    Fun and Loving
    Fiercely loyal
  • 10
    What is your den like?
    Filled with sweet-smelling herbs
    A cave with bones scattered on the floor
    Warm with painted leaves and feathers dangling from the ceilings
    A cave with ancient symbols scratched on the walls
  • 11
    Who would you spend most time with?
    Other members that could keep up a hunt
    My mate
    The pups
    Any members that need my medicine skills
  • 12
    How do you respond to a lone wolf in your territory?
    Watch it from a distance then inform the Alpha
    Make sure the pups are out of it's way
    Take it to the Alpha, but not in a friendly manner
    Pin it down and demand what it's doing in your territory
  • 13
    What would be your idea of fun?
    Play tag in the woods by light of the moon
    Wandering into the town and attacking humans
    Chasing a deer herd at night
    Testing new potions on brave Pack members XD
  • 14
    How do you show submission to the Alpha (Leader) wolf?
    Rolling onto back
    I don't show submission, others show it to me
    Dipping head
  • 15
    Would you stay in the Pack?
    I may leave to find a higher position in another Pack
    I may choose to leave only if I have to
    I am dedicated to the Pack with my life
    I can wander freely to different Packs
  • 16
    Where would you like to be most?
    On a mountain peak overseeing the valley
    In hollow trees where I can play hide and seek
    In the bushes where I can be hidden
    In the long grass by a shimmering lake
  • 17
    Why or how would you get annoyed?
    I discipline pups when teaching them
    I attack when another Pack takes our food
    II exile a member if they commit a crime
    I snap when others meddle with my medicines and potions
  • 18
    How would you honour a member that has died?
    Place a garland of flowers at their grave
    Paint leaves and feathers in their memory
    Carve their name on my den wall
    Carve their name on a deer antler
  • 19
    Your favourite time of day?
    Any time
  • 20
    When do you eat?
    I have the first bite
    With the pups
    Third or Fourth

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Maddison ( 8.198 )
Posted 187 days ago
i love these tests!!! i love wolvez, and me and my bestie are always playing wolves and messing around! i can't stop taking them!!! ;]