Do you bind fast?

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I want to be original, so I'm going to make a test that's close to me and that I haven't seen a quiz of before

  • 1
    Like sometimes, you're gonna hang with some of your friends. unexpectedly, a friend of yours brings along this guy you've never seen before. You talk the whole eve with the stranger, the next day you...
    He did nothing to you, you'll probably not see him again, and you don't care
    Are just looking forward to the next time
    Wonder and/ or imagine when you're going to see each other again
    Keep thinking of the nice things he said ( impression )
    Keep thinking of him ( love )
  • 2
    You have a friend which you know for 1 year, you've been through little but great stuff together, you were always there for each other. this friend means:
    She/ he's just my friend cos she/ he is popular
    I wish I could stay friends with him/ her forever
    A lot to me, I'd never ditch on him/ her
    I think I'm loyal, but when the temptation gets too big, I could just ditch him/ her..
    We're going to be friends for ever, nothing will ever tear us apart!
  • 3
    You have this silly doll since you were 4 years old, it means:
    Yeah, I wouldn't just get rid of it, but it's always sitting on the closet
    I just found her out of the mess, I'm going to throw it away now..
    Oh do I still have it? I thought my parents threw it away a long time ago..I'm going to go looking for it now..
    Everything to me! he/ she is the only one I'm certain of never to lose! I can always tell him/ her anything!
    I threw it away since I just had it
  • 4
    You just bought this great necklace, ( for boys too ) you're totally in love with it. Then it gets lost. You search for it everywhere, but you can't find it. Does this suck to you?
    No, not really, maybe I can buy one that looks like it
    I dunno, it's not the end of the world right?
    Not at all
    Just a bit
    Badly, it was beautiful and one of a kind!
  • 5
    You follow this great series for years, last night your favourite character died ( in the series ), which meant the end of the series. Today you get to know of the last, what's your reaction?
    * sniff* really? ='(, you can't be serious!
    NO! I'm going to cry! fall into pieces! and commit suicide today -.-!
    Okay too bad, I'm going to play a computer game now..
    First he dies, and then the series stopped? suckers..>:(
    Great how that sucker died >: D, and I can live without the series
  • 6
    You hear that the stranger from question 1, had a car accident, and that he's still barely alive. There's nothing you can do. u can't see him, perhaps go to his funeral, do a last favor for him, nothing. what's your reaction?
    I'll pray for him
    Oh my god! no this can't be true, where's my knife? I want to see him tomorrow in afterlife!
    Oh my god that's really too bad!
    * dialing your best friend's number* Hey mate! do you want to hang out tonight? =D
    * dialing your best friend's number * sniff..I need to tell you something..='(
  • 7
    Your family's not too rich. in fact, they can't even buy you a descent birthday present. They give you a picture of you and your sister 10 years ago at a place you used to spend a lot of time at. How will you treat it?
    You throw it on your desk as soon you're in your room and don't give it a single look
    Oh my god....we used to be here every summer! this means so much to me, thanks!
    * throwing the picture away * they can never buy me something can they?
    * running up to your sis * hey look at this! it's us together! isn't it great? I'm going to give it a great place in my room ^^
    You take it and give your parents a thankful look. once you're alone you take a short look at it, those were the good times..
  • 8
    You get this mail from a friend, which contains a video from a Chinese dog meat factory. All dogs are caged, you see how those people literally rip off they're skin, while they're still alive, you see how else they treat them, you..
    Laugh your ass off, this is great stuff to you, maybe you'll buy some dog meat too..
    Give your own dog a big hug, feeling needed to reassure him it'll never happen to him
    Cry your heart out, start a campaign, and sign up for green peace
    Send it to every contact in your list
    Look at it admirable..that's just beautiful, all that blood!
  • 9
    Though this doesn't seem like a binding test, but more like a sensitivity test, it does relate to binding. If you had to judge your binding, which one would it be?
    It's different with everything/ everyone
    I'm isolate, I wanna build a connection
    I always say people mean a lot to me, no matter how long I know them, but that's just anxiety, there aren't a lot of people/ stuff that mean a lot to me
    I couldn't care less
    I feel a deep connection to people very fast, they quickly mean a lot to me, and not just persons, anything could
  • 10
    Do you get obsessed quickly with celebrities, entertainment ( music, television ), hobbies?
    Sometimes, depends
    What the hell? why would you get obsessed with such?
    Most of the time, extremely
    Sometimes a bit

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